SEAL Team episode 14 return date for David Boreanaz series

SEAL Team premiere ratingsWant to know the SEAL Team episode 14 return date, and some of the schedule ahead for the David Boreanaz series in general? We’ve got all of that for you within this article!

Let’s start here, though, with the main event of sharing the SEAL Team episode 14 return date: Wednesday, February 28, but at a special time in 10:00 p.m. Eastern. The reason for that switch is because Survivor: Ghost Island (did you see the cast reveal earlier?) is airing a two-hour premiere. Just be glad that CBS is not preempting SEAL Team for that week and going with Criminal Minds instead.

As for what’s going to actually come on the air with SEAL Team episode 14 there are certainly questions aplenty when it comes to that in the aftermath of deployment tonight. It’s too early to know where the series will go creatively from here, but what’s somewhat exciting about the next part of the season is that these episodes were written after the producers started to get a sense as to what viewers were liking about the show. These weren’t part of the original 13 that were ordered. Everyone involved on the show knew at the time they were penning these that there was an audience out there and they have to continue to bring to the table some of what viewers loved in the first place — smart, interesting, and compelling military drama. You of course want to put the emphasis on the operations since the action is one of the reasons viewers watch. However, the same goes for the characters, and you have to remember to cultivate relationships even when characters are far away from each other.

When SEAL Team returns, signs point to there being new episodes that air almost straight through most of the months of March and April, with maybe a small hiatus sprinkled in there. There is still a good bit more story to tell, and hopefully the viewers will still be around on the other side of the Olympics in order to make that happen. Long hiatuses are often a challenge, especially for first-year shows. This is something that the producers of this show are going to have to be cognizant of as they try to cultivate story; the same goes for network executives and marketers as they put their best promotional foot forward.

At the moment, the good news is that we do think SEAL Team is charting towards a season 2 renewal; we touched on that in the CarterMatt Keep or Cancel article earlier this year.

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