Absentia episode 5 review: Trouble in the woods

Absentia episode 5

There are many different things that we have to say now in this latest Absentia episode 5 review, but let us begin with this: Emily Byrne’s father is amazing. We are speaking here about someone who has made it pretty darn clear that he gives zero you-know-what about Nick or anyone else who tries to get information from him.

This conversation was mostly essential in how it revolved around the tree with the bleeding eye: This was a landmark from Emily’s childhood, out in a forest she used to play at with regularity. There was something there that could get her closer to understanding the truth; this was the place Emily spent most of the episode trying to get to.

After donning a wig and hopping aboard a bus — and also doing her part to evade possible police along the way — Emily made it out to what had to be one of the creepiest forests that we’ve ever seen on TV. While there, she did eventually find the bleeding eye tree — or, should we say, trees. There were multiple ones bearing this design, but no immediate idea as to the reasoning or the purpose for it.

Unfortunately for her, she didn’t quite realize that Tommy and Nick were on a collision course to find her. There was a time in which Nick was doing everything that he could to support her, but that faded not too long after he thought she killed Radford. We don’t blame him for thinking that, given that time between Emily’s departure and this new apparent shooter’s arrival was so soon.

What did Emily find?

Think along the lines of bones — ones that belonged to a body that was ten years old or over. Basically, we’re talking about well before she was taken. All signs, once again, point towards her being a murderer once again. Yet, there was something else that mattered on the body: Some sort of medical device, one that could hold a clue as to the identity of the deceased.

Probably the most shocking thing about Emily’s escape is how she was able to take to the water in order to make her getaway, and how this actually worked for her to make an escape. We didn’t think that there was any way that she would be able to make this work but lo and behold, she did.  The next morning, she did still find herself in desperate need of a getaway, and she got that in the form of hiding in a truck when the FBI turned up again. These people had a real knack for that.

In the closing minutes Emily found herself stowed away in the back of some man’s truck. That was bad, but what was even worse when the truck driver noticed her and forced her to put up her hands. Consider this another cliffhanger.

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CarterMatt Verdict

While we would say that some other Absentia episodes brought more in the way of emotional resonance, episode 5 was a thing of beauty in terms of giving you exceptional intensity. The entire sequence in the forest was such that there was barely time in which you could catch your breath.

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