The Flash season 4 episode 12 review: Did Barry save Big Sir?

DwarfstarTonight, The Flash season 4 episode 12 aired an episode entitled “Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash” that did an excellent job of one thing above all else — reminding us of precisely what we love about this show. The Flash effectively does something time and time again that few other shows do: Offer up crazy, lighthearted entertainment with just the right amount of drama. It is pure escapism at its finest — provided that things are working and the story is firing off on all cylinders.

We’ll start by sharing the weak point of the episode — the main villain in Dwarfstar was pretty uninteresting. Yet, his shrink ray offered up some funny moments as Dibny and Cisco spent a good percentage of this episode shrunk down to tiny size. It was up to the remainder of the team in order to figure out how exactly to stop him and, ultimately, what we saw is Harry and Iris step up in the role of superheroes. They didn’t have powers, but they had brains and a lot of dedication.

Granted, at one point Harry did almost cause Cisco and Dibny to lose all of their cells when his attempt to bring them back to normal size completely failed.

What also was interesting about this episode is that it established a tangible connection between the villain of the week and Barry in prison. He came to realize that Big Sir was not actually guilty of what he was accused of doing; with that, he did just about everything in his power to help him. We had no idea we would love Bill Goldberg as an actor so much! His backstory was emotional and it was fun seeing this character start to have hope again.

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Of course, what often happens when it comes to characters having hope is said hope being stripped away from them. After Joe brought in Dwarfstar, he did his part in order to get the bad guy to confess. He just wasn’t interested in doing it. In the aftermath of this Barry ran into a problem: A fear that Big Sir would hate him for giving him hope. Luckily, that didn’t happen. He understood that Barry was just trying to help.

Here’s where things started to get a little bit crazy: Barry found a way to pluck Big Sir out of jail using his speed and transported him to the other side of the world. It was a big risk, but one that managed to work.

Another amusing subplot

Cecile, at least for the time being, has powers — consider it a side effect of her pregnancy at the moment. Over time she was starting to grate a little bit on him just because he didn’t feel like he had any privacy. Yet, there was another twist at the heart of this: Joe was afraid to be vulnerable and that was why he was struggling with being around Cecile. It took a little of advice for her to realize that the best way to get through to Joe was to appeal more to his emotions more so than anything else.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Flash season 4 episode 12 proved to be very much entertaining, and one that offered up a pretty fantastic twist at the very end: There was another camera outside of Barry’s cell that he didn’t know about, and as a result of that the warden found out that he was actually The Flash. He drugged him, and Barry is now (seemingly) helpless.

Of course, said Warden was working with Amunet Black … not that this should be much of a shock.

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