Big Brother: Celebrity Edition spotlight: Does Brandi Glanville stand a chance?

Brandi GlanvilleIs Brandi Glanville really going to be a contender on Big Brother: Celebrity Edition? We should just say from the jump that we’re glad that she’s there for entertainment and entertainment alone. She’s known for speaking her mind, for being opinionated, and for not caring what anyone thinks about her. These are all traits that tend to make for great contestants on a reality TV show. Whether or not they make for great social and strategic players, however, is unlikely.

For those who don’t know all that much about Brandi, what you need to be aware of starts with her reality TV resume — Glanville is a former cast member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but this is not her first rodeo when it comes to competitive reality TV. She was previously a part of The Celebrity Apprentice, as are many different contestants who are on this season.

Brandi was known for getting into a number of heated arguments on The Real Housewives, so we imagine it’ll be more of the same here. Yet, we do think that people automatically assuming that she and Omarosa are going to spend the entirety of this series screaming at each other. Sometimes, opposites attract, right? She’ll probably be fun for the first few days of the show and then completely flip the script the moment that someone throws some shade.

Also, we can’t imagine her winning many challenges. She’s competitive, but we don’t think of her in the traditional Big Brother sense.

The thing we’re most excited about – To see her try to form alliances and play the game strategically. We don’t think that Brandi is going to be a good player at all, but we do think she’s going to relish being a part of game where she can scheme, stab people in the back, and be vicious in the game for the amusement of other people watching at home.

Here’s the one thing we are worried about — we love dramatic Brandi, but is there that much more tea she has left to spill on the live feeds? In between her podcast and all of her other reality show appearances she’s already had many different venues to speak her mind.

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