Best Scorpion ‘ships (January 2018): Waige, Quintis, and more

scorpionWhat was the best Scorpion ‘ship? The CBS show has been running for a solid four years now, and as a result of that there are opportunities aplenty for there to be great relationships.

For the sake of this article, though, we’re keeping our focus simply on the ‘ships that are either present now on the series or will be present at some point coming up in the near future. Remember, ‘ships don’t necessarily have to feature characters who are together.

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Walter & Paige a.k.a. Waige – We obviously have to start here, mostly because Waige is one of the foundations for the show. Their relationship was established back in the first season, but is the demand for it as strong as it once was? One of the things that the series is having to battle right now is what many TV couples struggle with: Keeping some of the buzz alive.

Happy & Toby a.k.a. Quintis – They’ve actually been together for even longer than Walter and Paige have; after all, they are married and are showing an interest in starting a family someday! These two characters are loving and supportive of each other, but they’re also funny … very funny. We want to see them as parents!

Cabe & Allie – Is there any unified ‘ship name here? We propose Callie just because it makes the most sense! No matter what you call them, they’re a lot of fun together and the two parties have evolved a lot since they first got together and Cabe got so insecure about his age. After all, he just told her that he loves her!

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Walter & Florence – Well, this technically is something that is being ‘shipped by some out there, though we don’t think that the writers are charting in this direction now. Walter kissed her in a dream, but it does not look as though this is being explored in a substantial way beyond this.

Sylvester & Florence – We actually hear that this is the ‘ship that you should be watching out for, though it may not be all that much of anything on the series at the moment. Within the next couple of episodes, don’t be surprised to see things rise to the forefront.

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