Scorpion season 4 episode 15 video: A shocking kiss

scorpion season 4 episode 15Scorpion season 4 episode 15 entitled “Wave Goodbye” is coming your way on CBS Monday night … and Toby Curtis may need to wave goodbye to his very existence after what we see in the promo below.

While we know there’s a lot going on in this video, including the entire team being threatened by an enormous tidal wave, at the same time there’s one moment in here that stands out above all of the others: Seeing Toby and Amy kiss while trapped in a coffin together! Or, we should say, seeing Amy kiss Toby. We’ve watched this clip a few times over and it seems like she is the one who makes the move and he is just lying there. Also, the two of them are trapped in a coffin for some reason.

What’s going on here? The synopsis for this episode suggested that Amy (played by Shantel VanSanten) is going to be facing some serious identity trouble. With that, we do in turn wonder if she’s trying to fake her own death somehow and she and Toby get trapped in there together. This, in turn, may cause Amy to realize some of the feelings that she still has for her former fiance. Remember that a big part of the reason they split was because of Toby’s gambling addiction — he has found a way to get that under control. With that, is he suddenly appealing to her?

One of the things that Amy is going to have to realize sooner rather than later, though, is that Toby seems more than satisfied in his current marriage. Also, it’s like she herself said earlier this season — the fact that Toby was willing to give up gambling for Happy says wonders about what he thinks of her. We don’t see this happening.

Is it possible that this kiss is just a part of some sort of larger plan? Sure. This would be the first time that a preview

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