Taken season 2 episode 3 review: Bryan Mills vs. Lester Benedict

Taken season 2 episode 3

Tonight, Taken season 2 episode 3 was certainly an installment with a certain Robin Hood vibe to it. We’re not sure how else to describe an installment that was all about Bryan eventually working with a kidnapper in order to stop an evil super-rich billionaire taking advantage of pensions. Lester Benedict was an angry, greedy man who took advantage of all the people who worked at his companies. That led to people like Norman, an ordinary man struggling to make ends mean, doing things that were more than a little desperate.

At the start of the episode, Norman did what he could to plot to take Lester down a notch, but eventually Bryan got in the way and stopped that. However, he came to learn that Norman was not the sort of guy who would’ve killed Benedict; he just wanted justice after suffering and losing almost everything.

Unfortunately, the story for Norman did not exactly end in a happy manner, as the character found himself brutally murdered well before the end of the episode … but Bryan wasn’t done. He’s never done. Just in case you needed ANOTHER reminder that Clive Standen plays an ultimate badass on this show you got that in the entire final twenty minutes of this episode.

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It’s really not all that hard to map out some of what happened next with Bryan. He went to Lester’s compound and, from there, used his team in order to slowly disarm and dismantle most of the guards. Eventually, Bryan made it into the home and effectively trapped Benedict in his own panic room — at least until Bryan found himself a secret entrance. After all, isn’t there always a secret entrance?

Benedict tried his best to resist for however long that he could, but eventually, that didn’t work for him. Bryan got exactly what he wanted, and that was vengeance. He could have killed him, but didn’t. He also could have arrested him. Instead, what Bryan managed to do is completely drain out most of the money that Lester had — he stole all of the money that Lester previously stole. The team basically then went and gave much of the money back. Then, he allowed some of Lester’s own mercenaries to come and get “payment” in whatever way they wanted. After all, Lester didn’t have any money.

We actually didn’t seen the closing seconds of what happened as the screen blacked out — ultimately, though, it didn’t matter. Bryan achieved what he set out to do.

CarterMatt Verdict

Taken, despite all of its action and various Bryan Mills awesomeness tonight, was surprisingly emotion thanks to Norman and the personal connection that Bryan formed to this case. We were invested in the final showdown between Bryan and Lester, especially when it comes to the appropriate way to end the conflict.

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