The most-popular The Blacklist ‘ships: Lizzington, Keen2, Keenler, and more

The Blacklist logo any seasonThe NBC drama has one of the more active ‘shipping communities out there, and much of that comes as a result of the strength of the show’s characters. You have an interesting and diverse group, and there are also some really interesting and surprising ‘ships that are pretty popular.

Below, you can see our picks for some of the most-popular ‘ships related to the show, and what we want to know from you is rather simple: Which one of these pairings you root for the most! Voting is open between now and Wednesday, January 31 at 4:00 p.m. Eastern time, so be sure to vote however often you want! If you are on mobile and cannot view the poll for whatever reason, be sure to scroll to the bottom and click to view the non-AMP version of the page.

The ‘ships we’ve chosen here are based mostly on their popularity on social media alongside the number of fan art / fanfiction we’ve seen over the past couple of years.

Aram & Samar – The couple is also known as “Saram” for short, and they’re really fun just because they’re a fine example of a couple that established a good friendship and dynamic before getting together. As of right now, they are the most stable pairing on the show.

Liz & Reddington – Otherwise known as “Lizzington,” this is one of the most-popular pairings online and they’ve also been pretty popular at CarterMatt over time. These are fans who see a romantic connection between these two characters and also that the “Reddington” we’re seeing on the show may very well be an imposter / a different man altogether than the biological father of Liz buried ages ago.

Liz & Ressler – “Keenler” was an especially popular pairing in the early days of the show, back when we certainly didn’t think that Liz and Tom’s relationship was going to stand the test of time. They’ve kept a loyal following over the years and we’re now back at the point where there could be something again.

Liz & Samar – One of the two most-popular same-sex ‘ships out there for the show. There are actually dozens of fanfictions out there about this ship, and there’s clearly something about the onscreen dynamic that makes people want to root for something more.

Liz & Tom – Obviously “Keen2” was at the heart of the show for a long time and even though Tom is dead, that doesn’t mean that the relationship that they had is invalidated. They are essential to the series’ history and a very important part of this list. Tom’s death is the driving force of much of the season right now.

Reddington & Ressler – This is the other popular same-sex pairing online, and we figure that most of the popularity here stems from the fact that these two characters are total opposites in terms of how they approach the law — though Ressler’s perception has certainly changed somewhat over time. Is he now more like Reddington than he would want to admit? What Ressler has gone through this season certainly gives Reddington and Ressler a better understanding of each other.

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