Ink Master interview: Linzy Michelle on elimination, Anthony Michaels

Linzy MichelleLinzy Michelle was one of the most interesting Ink Master contestants just in terms of story alone. She was simultaneously a law student and tattoo artist, which of course posed many questions — including how the world she ever slept! She showcased some great work, but as is often the case with this competition, sometimes making one mistake at the wrong time can lead to an elimination. She was also in a tough spot Tuesday given that her coach Anthony Michaels had to eliminate someone from his team and he only had six different options.

In our latest Ink Master exit interview Linzy discusses her elimination, working with Anthony, and a whole lot more.

CarterMatt – When you were put in the bottom, did you think that you were going to go home?

I knew from the beginning this wasn’t going to be an easy challenge for me and I just couldn’t catch my groove. This is absolutely nothing like tattooing in the comfort of your own studio back home. My canvas loved the tattoo, but I knew I missed the mark of what the judges were looking for with this one.

What was your relationship like with Anthony going into the elimination?

I couldn’t have asked for a better coach. I was really getting in my head about everything and Anthony is a very calming and supportive presence. I appreciated the fact that he knew when to step back and let us do our own thing. We each need to sink or swim on our own merit when it’s all said and done.

Did the coaching twist this season help or hurt you in your eyes?

I think it was really helpful for the most part. It was so valuable to have access to people who have been in our position before and know what the rigors of the experience are like, as well as what the judges might be looking for. The only tough part was that in a way we had 6 judges to impress instead of 3.

Did you like having someone who was a constant source of feedback?

It was great having someone to bounce ideas off of who would truly benefit from my success and thus wanted the best for me. The stress of this competition is insane and I think most of us found that we maybe weren’t thinking as clearly as we do in our regular daily lives. Having Anthony on deck was a great resource.

If you weren’t on Anthony’s team, who would you have wanted to work with?

I think I’m a pretty coachable person and I have a lot of respect for anyone with more experience than me. I would have been happy to work with either Steve or DJ.

Were there any styles that you were hoping to do on the show that you didn’t get a chance to?

If they ever do a competition where every round is American Traditional I hope someone will give me a call. But other than that, it would have been fun to have a chance to do some pretty flowers or something like that.

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Are you still trying to balance tattooing with studying law?

School is pretty much done, so I’m focused mostly on tattooing right now, and really enjoying the momentum that’s built from being on Ink Master. I’m taking my time in calculating my next move post-law school, and I’m thinking I might make a run for public office at some point.

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