Big Brother: Celebrity Edition cast reveal rumors surface

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition cast revealFor those eagerly looking forward to a Big Brother: Celebrity Edition cast reveal, we should be getting that sooner rather than later.

While nothing is 100% confirmed as of yet over at CBS, the current rumors that we’re hearing are that some of the cast could be revealed during a promo that airs during the Grammys on Sunday night. That does make a lot of sense for a number of different reasons, including that this is one of the best possible venues for the network to attract viewers. Between now and when the series premieres on February 7, there is pretty much no better venue.

Of course, CarterMatt knows that there are also about twenty different “cast lists” that are out there, but at this point we’re not sure that we believe any of them. One of the things that we’re perhaps the most shocked about is the number of rumored The Challenge contestants that are out there. Maybe it’s possible that a person from that show could come over and appear here, but we feel like the network’s not going to spend more than one spot on a show that A) has a pretty specific audience and won’t appeal to anyone outside of it and B) would cause almost-instant alliances. People from the same show, no matter who they are, almost certainly have a common bond.

The house photos are already out there and we imagine that, at least in theory, Big Brother: Celebrity Edition could be fun. It’s all going to be dependent on just how willing some of these cast members are to play ball here given that if they don’t take it seriously and/or don’t care, there is a reasonably good chance that this will be boring and there will be a couple of people who just get annoyed and quit.

It also appears as though Big Brother: Celebrity Edition and #BBCeleb are what CBS is now going with when it comes to a name and hashtag. That makes some sense given that they don’t want to be associated (in more ways than one) with Celebrity Big Brother over in the UK.

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