New Celebrity Big Brother US promo promises actors, athletes in cast

Celebrity Big Brother USEven though the Celebrity Big Brother US premiere date is only a little more than a couple of weeks away, CBS is still being tight-lipped about the cast. Maybe that will change in a week or so, but the mystery persists for now.

(At this point, though, we’re taking the same philosophy on casting rumors that we have with Big Brother proper — the majority of them are unsubstantiated and with that, spending a ton of time focusing on them feels like a waste of everyone’s time.)

In the video below, what you can get is another reminder that CBS isn’t showing you the cast yet — but host Julie Chen promises that everyone from “actors to athletes” will be a part of the show. That’s pretty much something that we assumed, but it’s nice to still know that there is some diversity of profession in the house. We figure that there will also be some reality stars and a YouTuber or two — we just hope that there aren’t any alumni from the flagship show. (We say that as a part of our ever-continuing hope that Frankie Grande is not a part of this.)

The reality here is that if you’re really looking forward to this show because of the cast, you’re probably going to be disappointed. We’d be shocked if the cast is even on the par of recent Dancing with the Stars seasons. Even if this show is only running a few weeks, we imagine that it’s hard to find great celebrities who are A) willing to move into a house with complete strangers, B) don’t have anything going on in this timeframe, and C) willing to expose themselves to the live feeds. There’s a possibility that they say something stupid and ruin their career; or, it’s possible that the dark side of Big Brother Twitter will interpret something they say stupidly and try to ruin their career anyway. (We’ve seen it both ways at this point.)

Rest assured, once there is some more news about the upcoming season, we’ll have some of those updates for you here. You can see some photos from the house over on the show’s Twitter.

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