The Flash season 4: Is the Waitress not Barry and Iris’ daughter?

Barry and Iris' daughterWho is the Waitress on The Flash season 4? We know that this is a question many fans out there have been wondering for a while. Tonight’s episode did feature the character in another small cameo, and with that there are still questions about her connection to Barry and Iris — whatever that may be. We know now that she does have familiarity with whatever strange symbols Barry was jotting down immediately after returning from the Speed Force.

Obviously, this was a story that The Flash writers and producers were thinking about for a rather long time.

Now, we have to imagine that the creative team realized the moment that this character was introduced that most viewers out there would draw the assumption that they had some sort of connection to Barry and Iris. Comic readers in particular would just assume that she is their daughter from the future. Why wouldn’t they, given that the Waitress looks a little bit like Barry and Iris? Also, she seems to be clearly obsessed with the two of them on some level? She was so desperate to be at their wedding that she posed as a server in order to make that happen.

One other thing to remember here is this: The Flash writers also have a tendency to throw in curveballs and remix stories that were present in the comics. Take, for example, having Savitar be a future version of Barry; or, having the Trial of the Flash be about Clifford DeVoe. They bring you elements of comic stories, but also present them in a different way in order to ensure that they are still somewhat different. It’s certainly possible that this Waitress is a meta posing as their daughter plotting out some sort of devious scheme; or, she could just be some sort of obsessed Flash super-fan who is desperate to be around the two characters. As for how she found out Barry’s alter ego, who knows? There are always a number of theories that you can ponder there.

The biggest point worth nailing home is this: Don’t make assumptions based on the obvious.

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Do you think that the Waitress is for sure Barry and Iris’ daughter, or is there something else going on here? Be sure to share some of your thoughts/predictions right now in the comments!

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