When could NCIS season 16 renewal announcement be made?

NCISWe recently shared a number of pieces discussion the future of NCIS from the vantage point of many actors who are a key part of the CBS crime procedural. From here, it felt prudent to have a little bit more of a conversation via the series itself.

When could an NCIS season 16 renewal be formally announced by CBS? Is this going to be something coming up in the near future? We absolutely hope that it is, and there is a precedent for the network not waiting some insane length of time in order to confirm it. Back when the last NCIS renewal was issued in 2016, the news about the season 14 / 15 order came out in late February. It was around this time that news on Mark Harmon’s new deal also came through.

Is it possible that it will take a little bit more time this year? Probably, and for a couple of different reasons. For starters, CBS’ schedule this year is a little bit wonky with the Winter Olympics coming up and they may have a different focus throughout the month of February than they have in the past. Also, the longer that shows tend to last in their run, the longer the wait for a renewal tends to be. That just tends to be the way of things when there are so many legal boxes to check and cast/crew members that you do need to deal with.

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In terms of success alone, it feels almost like a given that there is going to be more NCIS coming on the air moving forward. While season 15 may be down in the ratings versus season 14, it’s still the most-watched show on CBS. There is zero incentive for them to get rid of it unless they just decide that they are done and ready to pack things in. We don’t get the sense that this is happening. We’ve already gotten a sense that they’ll just replace most of anyone who ends up departing, with one of the only possible exceptiosn to the rule being maybe Harmon. If the show ever was to lose Gibbs, that may be the point where they consider not pushing it forward any longer.

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