The Fosters season 5 episode 12 review: Callie turns political hero

Fosters season 5 episode 12

We knew from the title of The Fosters season 5 episode 12 in “#IWasMadeInAmerica” that we were going to get one of the most politically-charged episodes of the entire season. That proved to be true based on some of what happened with her in front of a political candidate.

One of the most powerful moments of the entire season to date came when Callie and her friends managed to use a politician’s rally as a way in which to protest her stance on DACA, claiming that the majority of the people who were in the country because of the program were criminals. This entire story is another example of The Fosters being far ahead of the curve. This story is airing right in the midst of massive questions surrounding the future of DACA in this country, and it’s rather terrifying to think that there are probably many people out there who may be having to look for such places of sanctuary. If the writers somehow manage to convince some people out there to look at this situation differently because of watching the show, they’ve certainly done their job.

Unfortunately, Ximena is far from being out of the woods at the moment. She is still living in the church, though her story has managed to now make the Huffington Post.

What was so interesting within this episode was the interplay between this story and some of the more innocent stuff going on with the other kids. For example, Mariana decided to take a stand and actually try dating multiple men at once. She went about it in a questionable manner, by not telling any of them that they weren’t exclusively with her, but there was nothing wrong with the idea in theory. She wants to be with the right person and sometimes trial-and-error is the right way in order to find that perfect person. The problem she faces here is that Mat is not Wyatt or Logan. They have a history, and it was totally unfair for her to think that he would be okay “starting over” with her when it meant being put on a level playing field with other men.

Meanwhile, with Jude he had his own relationship woes once Noah realized that Declan was hitting on him during some of their gaming streams and, in turn, he was hitting on Declan back. Apparently the two even have ‘shippers online! This remains something that we still don’t quite understand — why would anyone want to watch video games when they can just play them on their own?

The other major stories that we want to call to your attention are Lena and Stef’s. In the case of Lena, she is now closer to actually becoming Principal of Anchor Beach after speaking out and making it clear that she really should be. She is the one who learned via Nick that his father never intended this to be a school; instead, he just wanted to turn the land into condominiums down the line. Meanwhile, Stef is struggling with her healthy, with stress, and potentially also her old crush Tess back in the picture making it very clear that she has some sort of interest still in women. Jenna made a strong effort to pick her up at Stef’s joint birthday party, which really wasn’t altogether happy by the end of it.

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Final Verdict

The Fosters season 5 episode 12 was powerful when it needed to be and also heartfelt and fun at other moments. Brandon was somewhat shoved into the background, but for an episode here or there that’s okay.

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