The Resident episode 2 review: A major leap forward

The ResidentThroughout The Resident episode 2, one of the significant things we were reminded of came back to the show’s central message: Conrad was out to fix what was a broken system in the medical field. Unfortunately for him, in trying to change this system he found himself challenged and his job at risk yet again.

What put a major bee in Conrad’s bonnet tonight was seeing Dr. Bell’s patient be prioritized for a heart transplant above his own, a young man who’d been waiting for a new heart for years. Why did this happen? Let’s just say that it had to deal with “priorities.” Bell’s patient was higher up on the list than his just because of his status in Congress. This wasn’t fair.

This is why Conrad took action, and this is why he did everything in his power to make sure that this man wouldn’t get the heart. He made a risky move, and when Dr. Bell realized that he was losing his opportunity to conduct his transplant, he had to backpedal.

Here’s why what Conrad did was such a risk — he switched out vials and then managed to organize an organ donation. Basically, he played dirty to get what he wanted but he did it with the best of intentions. He found a way to save two lives, his patient as well as Dr. Bell’s. He then also figured out a way in order to ensure that all of the doctors had the best chance to shine.

How is that for fighting to change the system?

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As for elsewhere this week…

For Devon, you saw him continue to find some ways to test his bedside manner — and also learn that the best thing to offer a patient after a difficult operation is not a pizza with pineapple on it. Meanwhile, Nic learned tonight the common rule of hospital dramas: Don’t question doctors since they will lash out at you. She learned that Dr. Hunter was hiding many of her files on her own server rather than at the hospital, and that raises a question as to whether or not what she’s doing is ethical.

We predict that Nic is going to do everything that she can in order to get to the truth of what Dr. Hunter was doing.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Resident episode 2 was far superior to the first. Not only did the writers do a great job of incorporating more long-term stories for Nic and Conrad, but they also established the sociopolitical world that these characters live in. The scene at the bar provided many interesting moments regarding how doctors are treated by the general public, including how sexism and intimidation can play a role in the dating world outside of those hospital walls.

Even though this series had a bit of a focus problem in the premiere, tonight we got a sense that the drama between some of these characters is set to build to a crescendo — quickly. The closing scene, where Devon challenged Conrad at the bar, proved once more that power struggles exist in every dimension with this show these characters.

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