Ink Master season 10 episode 4 preview: Katie Rhoden vs. Josh Payne

 MasterInk Master season 10 premiereWhen Ink Master season 10 episode 4 airs on Paramount Network in one week’s time, be prepared to see something that is going to be a familiar theme: Josh Payne fighting with someone.

This time around, that someone is Katie Rhoden, who to date has looked like one of the best artists on Team Steve Tefft. She didn’t have to tattoo tonight, but she seems confident that her tattoos stack up and she seems more than fine going head to head with Josh. The preview shows her seemingly tearing up during the tattoo critique, which in turn leads to Josh calling her out for being soft. She doesn’t appreciate that and as a result, the two end up squaring in what looks to be a pretty epic argument.

While we do believe that Josh probably is the best overall artist on the show right now, he’s not the easiest person to root for just because he’s so confident. For now, we’re team Katie but we’ll see how the tattoos shape out.

One other thing worth noting about this episode is that after taking a brief break, it does appear as though we’re getting another flash challenge again. Three cheers for that! While these may often be random and arbitrary, we like having them in there over the Masters competing so that the contestants don’t have to do all that much. Plus, it’s not like the Flash Challenge winners get immunity in the way that the Masters’ whole team did tonight anyway. They just get to pick the skulls. This structure works just because you can struggle in this first challenge and it’s not a death sentence.

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The real struggle for this Flash Challenge seems to be teamwork. Anthony is starting to get frustrated with the listening skills (or lack thereof) for some members of his team. Meanwhile, DJ at one point in the preview suggests that much of his team is falling apart. They may be talented, but he has now lost an artist and many of his others have shown some weaknesses. They also have such egos that there is a risk of implosion.

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