Will Black Lightning season 2 renewal come soon?

Black Lightning

It there going to be a Black Lightning season 2? Typically, we would say that everyone should cool their jets after a strong ratings start. Shows often have a tendency to decline after the first week, and there are also many questions as to whether or not The CW can really carry five different superhero shows for a lengthy period of time.

Yet, here we are thinking that the network should go ahead and renew Black Lightning and as soon as humanly possible.

Why is that? Of course, much of that does start with the show’s ratings. The series premiered to a 0.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic, and that is the best premiere number for The CW in a rather long time. It also was the recipient of some really positive reviews. These are two things that we know that the network looks for, and this show succeeds in that and then some. It’s also bringing in a demographic of viewers that they aren’t getting almost anywhere else. Superhero shows with all-black casts are rare, and Black Lightning has a feel and a tone that are uniquely its own.

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We honestly don’t care all that much if Black Lightning enters the Arrow-verse in the future, mostly because it doesn’t really need to. It’s doing its own thing and building its world. This is really not a show that needs to do a whole lot more to win viewers over to it. If it continues to establish some of the characters and builds the story up over time, that will be enough to get it many more years on the air.

As for when we think that a Black Lightning season 2 renewal will be announced, think along the lines of March. By that time a good chunk of the first season will have aired, and by that time we figure that network executives will be thrilled enough by everything that they’ve seen to give the series another kick at the can starting in the fall.

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