Vikings season 6: When is Katheryn Winnick shooting directorial debut?

Vikings season 6 renewalJust in case you were wondering precisely when Katheryn Winnick was shooting her directorial debut for Vikings season 6, here’s another reminder that things take time and directing is a heck of a lot of work.

In a new post on Twitter, Winnick confirmed on January 17 that she was ten days away from shooting her big episode; basically, what this means is that she will step into this part of the job near the end of the month. In turn, this job will take her well into February. She returned to Ireland after her holiday break earlier this month and with that, did everything that she could to prepare for the cameras to roll. This includes scouting, having production meetings, going over the script, and basically doing everything that you possibly can so that when filming actually starts, she can focus on that part of the job rather than worrying as much over the setup. (Rest assured, there are plenty of other things for her to worry about, as would be the case for any director.)

When you think about the timetable that goes into directing TV, you start to understand more of why actors only tend to direct one or at most two episodes a season. It just tacks so much time on what is an already-busy schedule; it’s a wonderful achievement, but you also have to sleep at some point! It’s still not clear how much Winnick will be directing herself; if that happens, it throws another challenge into the mix.

We’ll see if there’s another opportunity for Katheryn down the road, but much of that could depend on whether or not there is a season 7 of the History drama. It’s probably a little too early to dive into speculation on that; after all, we are just about at the season 5 midseason finale!

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One thing that we do know is that Winnick has been kind enough to share updates of the process throughout the past few weeks; hopefully, that won’t change soon and we’ll continue to have a good sense of what is happening and when.

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