Grace and Frankie season 5 premiere date: When could it air on Netflix?

Following today’s launch on Netflix, there is an important question worth pondering: When is a Grace and Frankie season 5 going to happen? Is this renewal more or less a sure thing? We absolutely would like for that to be so.

As of right now there is no firm confirmation that Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are going to be back to do more of the series, but all indications seem to be that it will happen. Not only is the show very popular, but at the same time the two seem to have a mutual interest in continuing to make as many episodes as possible. After the long, illustrious careers that these two women have had, we personally think that they perceive doing this show as simply a nice bit of fun. It’s a chance for them to go out and perform on a really fun, different sort of show than they’ve done for most of their career. They’ve seemingly enjoyed it so much that the fourth season moved along at a really rapid pace. The premiere today is less than a year after the third season premiered.

We would imagine that if all parties involved want more Grace and Frankie, you’re not going to be forced into waiting for all that long. We’ll probably get another announcement within a couple of months and new episodes could air as early as later this year or as late as in early 2019. Much of that probably just depends on actor availability and however quickly all of the necessary scripts can be written. Bringing any show back is a process since you want to get it back on the air with the best overall product imaginable. You don’t want to skimp and give viewers something that is a little less than what they would expect.

For now, we’d just suggest that you kick back, relax, and watch the show with confidence given that you’ve got virtually zero reason to fear about its long-term future. If that changes in any sense moving forward, we’ll be sure to let you know.

When do you want the Grace & Frankie season 5 premiere date to be? Share some of your thoughts right now in the comments!

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