Sneaky Pete season 2 premiere review: Another great heist awaits!

Sneaky Pete season 2Sneaky Pete season 2 is finally here and after that huge cliffhanger we were left with at the end of season 1 this wait has felt tremendously long. When we last saw Marius he had left the farm and was headed into the great unknown, but he was picked up by two men looking for Pete, his mother and the 11 million Pete stole from the gun range. Seems Marius’ cellmate wasn’t as dumb as he first seemed robbing a gun range after all and it looks like Marius has landed himself into quite a situation. He may not be the real Pete, but he’s become incredibly attached to his family, so when these two men threaten to burn down the farm and the entire family they have Marius’ full attention.

Pete’s predicament

Season 2 kicks off right where we left off with Joe and Frank shaking Pete down for the location of his mother, giving him 72 hours to produce her. What Marius is more interested in is getting his hands on that 11 million dollars himself! After some digging Marius learns that Pete’s mother was very likely involved with the stealing of the 11 million, that she hasn’t been seen or heard from in three years and that the money was never reported as part of Pete’s crime of robbing the gun range, so he knows that the money likely belongs to another criminal. Before he goes looking for the money, his first order of business is to figure out who he’s actually dealing with – is this another Vince or someone even more dangerous?

He learns that Gina was paid $1000 by Joe and Frank to give up his whereabouts, so he offers her and Gavin the same to find out what hotel they are staying at. Love that Gina and Gavin are back as part of the story. There was something really genuine about seeing Marius mentor Gina in this world.

Not knowing how else to find out where Pete’s mother is, Marius arranges a call with Pete and learns that his mother died three years ago. Is it possible that Pete actually thinks his mother is dead or is his mother playing Pete? Either way it leaves Marius at a dead end, that is until he goes to the hotel room and Frank reveals a little clue as to the last time he saw Pete’s mom and it was only 6 months ago.

When Frank reveals that Joe is about to kill Julia (just to show how serious they are), Marius threatens to kill himself saying that the whereabouts of his mother will die with him if anyone in his family is hurt. In turn, Frank kills Gavin, makes Gina and Marius drag him out to the forest and bury him. They are then told that if they don’t do what he wants, an anonymous tip will go to the cops bringing them to Gavin’s body that has Marius’s prints and DNA all over it.

So what’s Marius’ next step? He goes to Marjorie and suggests that the only way to find the mother is to get Pete out of prison and get him to lead them to her whereabouts.

Julia turns to Pete for help

Julia is still in deep with Dockery as he’s applying pressure to get his money laundered in a week, but since she has zero experience laundering cash (she’s getting all her information from heist movies), she’s in way deeper trouble then she thought. When Dockery’s money accidentally ends up in the hands of another parent at her kids school (who also decides to shake her down for some of it), she calls Pete for help. Seeing Julia and Pete together again reminds us how much we just love these two together – they are funny, exciting and have a really fun chemistry especially when they are scheming together. We know that we are only in season 2, but we are hoping down the road that Julia will end up being Marius’ partner in crime.

Taylor, Shannon and a plan

After Taylor revealed to Shannon that he loves her near the end of season 1, they are still in the same spot where they are sneaking around to be with one another while Sean is in Hartford… or are they? She reveals to Taylor that Sean’s been lobbying for Connecticut to do bail bonds like Kentucky – where the state runs it. Of course Sean would get a contract so he could still have a piece of the pie, but it’ll put Bernhardt bail bonds out of business. Once that deal goes through, Shannon plans to divorce Sean, take half of his big pay day (which would also go towards helping Otto and Audrey) and then they get married.

Taylor has a lot bigger things to worry about then getting married right now and it all has to do with Winslow. He covered up Audrey’s accidental kill tying to make it look like a dirty cop got what was coming to him, but it doesn’t seem that this is going to be case closed so easily now that a NYC detective is coming up to talk to Taylor.

Audrey and Otto

After learning that Sam hit on Audrey we thought that we wouldn’t get any more great scenes with Sam and Otto, but with everything going on Otto reached out to him for support. We love these two actors together – they have amazing chemistry and play off each other like they really have been friends forever.

As for Audrey, even though Taylor told her to skip confessional and stay quiet, she decided to go anyways, but when she got there she chickened out. Accidentally shooting Winslow is really weighing on her and even though she has Otto and Taylor to talk to, it’s not really helping to relieve her pain.

The worst part about what Audrey and Otto are going through is that they are both still lying to each other about some loose ends they both need to tie up.

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CarterMatt Final Verdict

We expected there to be a great caper like there was in season 1, but we didn’t know that the caper was going to be this exciting! It’s going to be hard for Sneaky Pete to top the long con they pulled off in season 1, but the premiere really set us up for some fun stuff. The only thing we wish we had more of was Marius mixed back up with the Bernhardt family, but we suspect that will come out more as the season goes on. The idea of the real Pete getting out of prison is terrifying to us and we can’t wait to see how Marius controls this situation – as he always says… work the problem.

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