This Is Us season 2 episode 12 review: Randall’s job search; Miguel’s moment

This Is Us season 2 episode 12

This Is Us season 2 episode 12 was a story about taking on tough questions and overcoming obstacles. As is often the case for this series, that means many different things for different people.

There were a number of beautiful moments within this episode (entitled “Clooney”), but we’re going to go with this one as potentially our favorite: Jon Huertas’ monologue as he explained to Kevin how he couldn’t fall in love with Rebecca while Jack was still alive. It was perfectly-paced, emotional, and necessary in order for these characters to better coexist. It was subtle enough to exist in reality while still powerful enough to leave an impact. This may be one of our favorite moments in Huertas’ acting career, and we say that as someone who watched and loved Castle for many years before this.

Kevin spent the bulk of this episode with his mother and Miguel, navigating his feelings for his stepfather while trying to build up a deeper bond with his mother. He uncovered some truths about his relationship with her during his time in therapy and this was a chance to repair a bond that hasn’t been there. Ironically, through repairing a rift he had with Miguel (mostly in his own mind, a feeling that he just swooped in on her after Jack passed away) he ended up forming one of the strongest bonds that he’s had with her in years.

While Kevin built up this emotional connection further with his mother, in turn we saw during this episode Randall establishing a connection with his father through his past, a cat, his old building, and a woman William may have loved. He felt a passion unparalleled within those walls — the spirit, the poetry, the history. It was the side of William he always wanted to see. Randall’s been on a journey the past few weeks, one that has attempted to help him fill a yearning. Seeing this place and finding a way to call it a home may be the fitting conclusion to said journey. This is a way for him to plan more towards a future while also living within his father’s past.

Now, Randall has a plan for the future in terms of a career — taking over this building and working to bring it back to glory. He wants to rebuild and this may be the way in which he does just that. He’s at a point in his life where he needs something new, and there are reflections for both of his fathers in his eyes. Just remember here that Jack, in flashbacks, also was contemplating a life change at the time of his children’s graduation, looking towards a new construction job to give him a new sort of life and spirit. Unfortunately, we know how, one way or another, this story ends…

Kate and Madison’s struggle

Madison had arguably one of her biggest weeks on the series to date, taking Kate on a journey wedding-dress shopping before it was uncovered that like Kate, Madison had her own issues with eating — while the series never said “bulimia” onscreen, that was clearly the indication. Kudos to the writers for not naming it, and making this more about the struggle rather than turning this into an obvious PSA that took you out of the show. The actions speak for themselves. Also, kudos to Chrissy Metz for another excellent performance as Kate guided her to get better. Kate may be going through her own pain, but this was in some way her seeing through that. She found solace through the ability to help some other people in need.

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Final Verdict

Overall, “Clooney” was another great This Is Us story packed through emotion, but also with a greater mission in mind: Finding a cause. Randall and Kate found something for themselves to believe in, while with Kevin he had a chance to understand a little more in terms of where his mother is at emotionally. He took himself out of his world and saw someone else for who she really was — not as an ideal or a person from his past, but someone living and breathing in the present.

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