Blue Bloods season 8 debate: Should Jenny McCarthy appear alongside Donnie Wahlberg?

Blue Bloods season 8Should Jenny McCarthy appear on Blue Bloods season 8? This is a question that CarterMatt has wondered for a rather long time, and it definitely feels like the right time to dive into this subject a little bit further.

In some ways, this is a gig that we’re honestly surprised hasn’t happened yet. McCarthy is an accomplished actress and host; to go along with that, she’s also married to series star Donnie Wahlberg and is a huge supporter of the show! It would be a fun way for the writers to give a nod towards his personal life while at the same time giving her a role that could be meaty and exciting in its own right.

So who could McCarthy play? We’ve got a handful of suggestions that could make for some really fun TV.

1. A notorious criminal who constantly evades the NYPD’s grasp – Maybe she’s a thief, a controversial performance artist, or someone who commits acts far more sinister. Many actors do love playing the villain, and this sort of role would give McCarthy a chance to do something totally different and unexpected.

2. A detective from another precinct who clashes with Danny – We know that various departments and precincts don’t often get along, and bringing her in for a high-stakes case with many moving parts could be a great way of showing that, while also proving that police cooperation will eventually win out at the end of the day.

3. A victim in a case – While this could make for a somewhat-tragic story, it is all fictional. The main appeal here would just be an opportunity to see McCarthy take on some good material that would push her to an emotional limit.

4. A defense attorney – Maybe Danny finds himself in a spot where he has to testify in a case, and as a result of that he has to engage in some legal warfare against McCarthy on the stand. This idea could be especially fun since you’d also probably be throwing Erin Reagan in there. The more Reagans, the better!

5. A cameo as herself – We suppose there’s a fun opportunity to have Danny just randomly run into McCarthy at some point during a scene on the show — while it wouldn’t make for a full-fledged guest spot, it could be a nice little cameo and a nod to everyone who loves her.

Do you want to see Jenny McCarthy appear on Blue Bloods season 8? Be sure to share some of your thoughts right now in the comments!

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