Ink Master season 10: Is Deanna Smith from Ink Master: Angels poised to go far? (Spotlight)

Deanna SmithThrough one episode of Ink Master season 10, Deanna Smith is one of the contestants poised to go far for a number of different reasons. Yet, what makes her participation exciting is that on paper, you wouldn’t consider her one of the biggest threats.

Typically, artists who enter the competition without a ton of experience are targeted almost right away. Yet, there are some exceptions to that rule. Daniel Silva this season could be one, and Deanna could be another. Both won their episodes of Ink Master: Angels despite them each being relatively new to the industry. Deanna has been tattooing less than four years, but she was still in the top three for best tattoo in the very first episode. She has DJ Tambe as her mentor now and, provided she stays steady, could be poised to go along way and could become one of the youngest Ink Master winners in history.

As for what we know about Deanna Smith outside of the Ink Master franchise, she works at Dark Age Tattoo in Denton, Texas, and you can see more of her portfolio over on her official site. She also fancies herself an artist to go along with being a tattoo artist. She brings with her an awareness that she’s not the most experienced person on the season, but there is a willingness to work hard and get better. We don’t think that she is going to be one of those people to get really angry and confrontational, but she will challenge herself and fight back when she needs to. DJ is probably the right coach for her given that they both have artistic backgrounds and she’ll listen to him in a way that not everyone else on that team will. Being easy to work with should help her this season.

The biggest thing that Deanna can do to go far, other than delivering great tattoos, is try to keep a level head amidst some of the craziness. Ask DJ questions, and allow some of the other artists to inevitably shoot themselves in the foot because they will. That’s especially true in the early going when some contestants struggle to get their sea legs underneath them.

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