Scorpion season 4 episode 13 review: The story of Toby and Quincy

Amy Berkstead

Scorpion season 4 episode 13 was entitled “The Bunker Games,” but you could also come up with an equally-fitting title here in “How Toby Got His Groove Back.”

At the start of this episode Toby Curtis found himself both rather sad and rather frustrated. Why is that? Well, a big part of that had to do with being excluded for a mission. He couldn’t figure out why, but after sneaking in he figured it out: Quincy Berkstead. His own rival, the TV therapist, wanted to hire Scorpion for a mission and didn’t want Toby around. Well, Toby came around anyway, and his arrival to the bunker triggered the security system to the point where many of them were trapped inside.

As a result of this, the center of the mission became about how the team could get out of the bunker — while, in turn, saving their own life. In true Scorpion fashion, this was a team effort with everyone working together to ensure that they got out in one piece. In the process, we also had a chance to meet Quincy’s wife! What made this so significance was that this was also Toby’s ex-fiancee, and it just so turned out that she still had some sort of a hold over him. It didn’t cause major problems between Happy and Toby, but she did find herself temporarily feeling insecure.

The longer the episode went along, and the more we started to see tensions mount and escalate with everyone. Eventually, though, Happy started to realize that there was no reason for her to be insecure. While Amy may have a lot going for her, she also was in a terrible marriage. Quincy was greedy, egocentric, and he didn’t even spend time with her on a recent trip to the beach.

Also, Toby was willing to quit gambling for the sake of Happy. That was something he was never able to do with Amy. Happy and Toby are meant to be, and after seeing how Quincy cowered in fear within the bunker before Team Scorpion saved the day, we’re starting to feel a little bit sorry for Amy in the end.

Walter admits the truth about his dream

As you may remember, during the Christmas episode Walter had a dream that he was married to Florence and the two of them kissed. As a result of that, part of Monday’s episode was him trying to deal with the aftermath of that. He eventually told Florence the truth (she seemed okay with it) after acting weird with her out in the field. Following that, Walter told Paige. Let’s just say that she was a little less okay.

Final Verdict

Scorpion season 4 episode 13 was actually one of the funnier episodes of the season, especially when it comes to the visual sight-gags. Cabe’s training made for many a fun moment as he’s working to get back out into the field. Let’s also not forget Toby being called “trash” by an AI.

Beyond just that, though “The Bunker Games” established some interesting backstory for Toby and also gave us a possible future conflict for Walter and Paige.

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