Heartland season 11 episode 11 review: Tough conversations are the right conversations

Heartland season 11 episode 11Heartland season 11 episode 11 may not have featured life-or-death stakes at every moment, but it didn’t need to. This episode dived most into what Heartland best is — a great character drama in a beautiful setting that’s completely different from everything else that is out there.

Also, we got another reminder as to how hardcore some of the cast is, filming out in the snow and braving some of the conditions just for a classic equestrian event. Many characters connected as a result of being out there, whether it be Georgie trying to prove that her training paid off or Amy doing her best to show Oliver, a former race-horse, a chance to find a stable home.

For Lisa and Jack, they had to simply contend with an issue that plagues many couples at one point or another in their lives: Losing a spark and struggling to find it again. She eventually figured that out and the two seem better primed to move forward.

As for Georgie, separate from the equestrian event and her training she found herself in a position where she had multiple suitors and dealt with rumors and the like. In the end, though, she accepted the apology of Wyatt — the two parties can move forward, but for the time being, it simply seems as though they are going to be friends.

A big moment for Tim

In terms of relationship drama, we didn’t see any more dramatic than with Tim and Casey. There were problems with Tim as a babysitter; beyond that, there were also issues in the dog department, as well. When the pooch got sick eating chocolate he had to take him to the vet, and eventually this led to a conversation between these two about Tim being a coward. While there, he admitted to Casey that he was struggling with alcohol and pain pills and had for some time. Marion did his best to help him over that period of time but she eventually had to take care of himself.

This moment ultimately did bring Tim and Casey closer together — he let her in, and down the road that may help the two of them out all the more.

For now, though, it’s clear that Tim is still struggling with letting go and getting closure. The longing and the pain is still there, and in the closing minutes we felt that. The scene of him at her grave was easily the most gut-wrenching of any we saw in the entire episode.

CarterMatt Verdict

While Heartland tonight offered a different perspective and stories than what we saw last week, it proved very much to be worthy entertainment in its own right.

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