Vikings video: Katheryn Winnick’s powerful Time’s Up message; filming news

Katheryn WinnickThere is a new episode of Vikings coming up on History this coming Wednesday night, but you don’t have to wait anywhere near that long to see series star Katheryn Winnick in a new promo!

The video below, (shared by Winnick) is different than most. It’s a powerful, resonant statement that is meant to echo the Time’s Up movement that is going on all over the world at the moment. Women are being encouraged to lend their voice and time in order to stand up against sexual harassment and inequality. We’ve heard so many powerful and emotional stories over the past few weeks, and Winnick’s message in the video below (as Lagertha) is one of empowerment and strength. Her character sits upon her throne, and even though Lagertha is a character in history her words are resonant in the present.

Here is the message that Lagertha passes on to women all over the world during the video:

“What is a woman’s place in this world? Is it to be docile, compliant, or simply silent? No, the gods have bigger plans for you, I swear it. You are bold. You are strong. You are cunning. You are wiser. You are sharp and keeping constant watch. You are powerful for making your voice heard. Your place may be as a warrior or as a Queen, but only you hold the reigns to that destiny. So, be bold and the gods will carry you to greatness with no one strong enough to stop you.”

For those who haven’t seen some of our previous updates on the subject, Winnick is currently working on her directorial debut for Vikings season 6. You can get a small progress report from her on that below. One of the great things about Winnick directing an episode next season is that she’s offering up a window into a very arduous process to fans that may never have a chance to see something like this. Being a television director is no joke, given that there are so many different hats that you have to wear and it takes so much more then anyone realizes – it’s not just getting out there and having the cameras rolling. Winnick has been hard at work on this since arriving in Ireland early on in the new year.

While you wait for Winnick’s episode to air next season, remember that the next new episode of Vikings airs Wednesday night on History.

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