Blue Bloods season 8 episode 12 review: Danny seeks justice; Nicky’s debate

Blue Bloods season 8

Blue Bloods season 8 episode 12 was an episode that brought a wide array of different storylines to the table, but for the first time all season we would argue that the one at the center of the story had to do with Nicky Reagan-Boyle. She decided that she wanted to take the police exam, and with that of course came questions aplenty regarding whether or not her becoming the cop would be the right thing for her future.

This was clearly a storyline that had a huge role in the present during this episode, but at the same time there were huge ramifications when it also comes to the past. This episode reminded us that years ago, there was a divide between Erin’s parents over whether or not she should take the exam — her mother “convinced her” out of it, and we put that in quotes because it wasn’t exactly like she really wanted to be a cop in the first place. This was just a way to ensure that Frank wasn’t disappointed at the time.

Nicky apparently did really well on the exam, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she is going to become a cop in the future. She’s keeping her options open, which is always a smart thing to do.

This story, in true Blue Bloods fashion, was transposed alongside two others on the night.

Danny gets justice for Anthony

This one isn’t all that hard to describe — Anthony found himself shot while interviewing a witness, and Danny wanted to prove that for him, justice mattered more than any grudge he may hold towards Anthony or anyone in the D.A.’s office. He didn’t take the lead to prove the point, though — he really does care about the guy, even if they fight and snipe at each other on a regular basis. Also, we think that it mattered a lot to Erin that someone take care of Anthony. (Isn’t the Erin – Anthony relationship one of the best ones on Blue Bloods? It’s certainly among the most underrated.)

Jamie, Eddie remain quite the team

We know that they can handle stressful situations, and during tonight’s episode they took on everything from stopping a stand-off involving a developmentally-disabled man, finding a way to deal with a jerky boss, and also impressing kids and inspiring them to want to be cops — something that Frank even struggled with.

Now, if only there was a way for someone to actually make Jamie and Eddie a couple rather than have the two talk to each other about struggles in their respective dating lives.

Final Verdict

Overall, this was a solid Blue Bloods hour that gave almost every major character something to do. It’s not all that often that we can say that.

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