Supergirl season 3: Five ways the show can still use Lena Luthor

Lena LuthorWe’re almost midway through Supergirl season 3, but is there anything that the CW series can do in order to use Lena Luthor even better than they are?

Let’s start by saying that by and large, the writers are doing a fantastic job getting Katie McGrath more screen time this year. They’ve made her into a permanent part of the series and her relationship with many characters, (especially Kara Danvers!), is invaluable. While we know there’s a curiosity that comes with the idea of having Lena know the truth about Supergirl, it’s smart that they continue to stay away from it. This allows Kara to retain her humanity with Lena; there aren’t many other venues in which she gets that while also doubling as someone who saves lives while wearing a cape. It’s one of the many reasons Kara’s relationship with Lena is so important.

While Supergirl is using Lena more, aren’t there even more ways in which they can push that envelop even further? What are some of the most interesting ways to allow her to shine? CarterMatt has what we think are five interesting suggestions for the character below.

1. How she protects herself from Reign – While Lena is mostly a titan of business and is far superior to almost anyone in her field, she’s already found herself in a number of situations where she has almost died. Are we going to ever see her in a position where she finds some other sort of way to protect herself? We’d love to see her figure out some sort of tech solution either to combating Reign or protecting herself from her. Just something to give her more of an upper hand from an action point of view. (We don’t need her to have powers — let’s just get that out of the way now.)

2. More time with some other characters – Most of her interactions to date have come with Kara, James, or Samantha. Why not pair Lena up with the DEO more? Can we find interesting uses for these characters to come around given that terrible things always seem to happen around CatCo?

3. Give her and Kara some sort of retreat – What do friends do when they want a break? Typically, they’ll got on a day trip together. What’d be an especially fun episode is seeing Kara and Lena off somewhere together where Kara constantly has to juggle being Supergirl and Kara Danvers without Lena ever knowing. In turn, maybe Lena learns more about who Kara is as a person — without learning in the process of her alter ego. Anything to grow this relationship is something we want to see happen.

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4. Does Lena really need a love interest? – We feel somewhat bad for James given that no matter who he’s attached to, the relationship doesn’t seem to be a fan favorite. While Lena in love could be fun depending on how it’s played, we’re not sure that it’s necessary for the character at this point.

5. Fear – Basically, by this we mean the fear of Lena finding out the truth about Kara. Ever since the beginning of the series there have long been questions regarding whether or not Lena’s on a knife’s edge of turning evil. The biggest reason for Lena to be hurt by learning the truth about Kara is that she’s basically the last to know. That’s hurtful. The fear of what happens if she finds out is even more interesting than the simple idea of her finding out in the first place.

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