Chicago Fire season 6 episode 8 review: The state of Brettonio

BrettonioChicago Fire season 6 episode 8 was the second this season to feature the return of Brettonio, but we have a feeling that there are some out there who probably didn’t enjoy this installment anywhere near as much as they did the first time around.

Basically, the episode ended with Brett deciding that she didn’t want to be caught up in another Antonio vortex and decided to walk away before she started to get serious feelings for him again. The most surprising thing is this: She didn’t even eat all his dinner! Okay, so that wasn’t the most surprising thing, but it was still notable, nonetheless.

The issue that Chicago Fire has with Brettonio here is simple: Jon Seda can only appear on this show so much just like there’s only so much Kara Killmer can appear on Chicago PD. Eventually, this relationship is doomed to struggle every single time. It seems to be over for now, but who knows? Maybe this is a relationship that is going to become something again in the future.

As for whether or not we buy into the reasoning for the breakup, we’re on the fence with it. In some ways, it feels like a convenient excuse to split up a couple who so many viewers want to see together. Yet, at the same time we also see where Brett is coming from here. She likes Antonio but doesn’t want to get hurt again, and she’s not seeing enough in terms of a change to make her feel confident that things are going to be any different for the two of them moving into the future. Brettonio seems to be done for now, but we’re going to monitor more of where it goes from here.

Ultimately, we feel especially sorry here for Otis and Cruz, mostly because these guys put in so much effort just to realize that nothing that they did to figure out who Brett was dating even mattered.

Is there drama ahead for Casey and Dawson?

Basically, it’s a communication breakdown more than anything since Dawson is isolating herself somewhat in order to deal with Bria, the young girl who she helped rescue on last week’s episode. Let’s just say that Bria was engaging in some rather questionable practices in order to help her father get some prescription pills — he’s an addict and unfortunately he’s not exactly fit to care for her. He’s not a terrible person and all his daughter wants to do is help him.

This is what put Dawson in a tough position. She got herself too invested in the life of someone she previously helped and ended up seeing Bria sprint away rather then ending up in the system. She knew the moment that her father was hospitalized and it was clear what was going on with him and that she’d be cut off from that relationship.

We continue to admire the size of Dawson’s heart, which is bigger than almost all of Firehouse 51. Unfortunately, though, having a great big heart does not always mean good things are going to happen.

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Is Boden being taken for a ride?

We’re suspicious of Donna’s brother Julian for a lot of different reasons, but most notable is that he seems ready to hustle his brother-in-law with supplies as a part of a new “partnership” that he has going on. Given that they are family, Boden does want to trust him … but we think that his innate desire to help family here may be overriding something that feels a little too good to be true. Watch this story, since we could easily see everything blowing up big-time in Boden’s face.

Final Verdict

Chicago Fire season 6 episode 8 ended up having a few good storylines, and we especially like the slow burn that the writers are taking with the Bria character. Yet, we know the end of Brettonio 2.0 — at least for some out there, is going to feel like a little bit of a letdown.

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