Elementary season 6, Code Black season 3 premiere dates revealed

Elementary season 6After a really long wait, CBS has finally set up Elementary season 6 and Code Black season 3 premiere dates! CarterMatt has information on both of these below, coupled with a little bit of analysis.

Let’s start with the Elementary season 6 premiere date. The series is going to be kicking off starting on Monday, April 30 at 10:00 p.m. Eastern time. The Jonny Lee Miller – Lucy Liu series is going to follow up Scorpion in this timeslot on Monday nights, and it’s now pretty clear that the show is going to air right into the summer. As for how much of it will air in the summer, that remains (fitting for this show) a mystery. There are a whopping 21 episodes in the order, and basically the show would need to air a new episode every week in order for them all to air before the fall season gets too deep in late September. Maybe that was the plan all along with the 21 episodes.

One other option for Elementary if CBS doesn’t want to air them weekly all summer? Have some nights during the summer where there are two episodes airing back to back, or a few airing at special days and times if they want to end the season before September. It’s also possible that they could hold some episodes back for a later date, but that may make it harder to renew the show for more later. Elementary makes a ton of money for CBS overseas and in syndication, so it does have a chance at renewal despite lower ratings.

As for a Code Black season 3 premiere date – The medical drama is also going to air in the summer, and will start up on Wednesday, May 2 at 10:00 p.m. Eastern in the place of Criminal Minds. This show has a smaller episode order and can easily air its run out well before it gets to September. We’re a little more cagey on its future, though; it comes from an outside studio and, beyond that, also isn’t anywhere near syndication.

For now, we’re just glad these two shows are officially coming back.

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