The Blacklist season 5 video: Who is the Nash Drug Syndicate?

The Blacklist logo any seasonAfter last week’s excursion in Alaska, one thing feels clear about Wednesday night’s new episode of The Blacklist season 5: Liz Keen is heading home. Yet, she’s not exactly the same Liz Keen she once was.

So who is the Nash Drug Syndicate? This is a part of the new sneak peek that was just released via TV Guide for Wednesday night’s new episode.

In this sneak peek, you can see a conversation between Raymond Reddington and Elizabeth Keen that is geared, by and large, around one important subject: How much progress Reddington has made through his attempts of tracking down who was responsible for Tom’s death? Reddington has identified the people who died in Liz’s home as members of the syndicate. He has done everything that he can in order to go after some other people belonging to this organization, but really to no avail so far. This is a group of people who are clearly very trained at what they do, and that includes being well-trained in the art of keeping themselves secret. They clearly don’t want anyone to learn about some of their exploits, and as a result of that they aren’t easy to track down.

Will Liz and Reddington find some clues in time? Maybe, but it doesn’t seem as though Liz is going to be actively hunting down more information as a member of the Task Force. She’s back, but not ready to dive back into her old job. We get a good sense of that when Samar shows up to talk about a case and Liz really isn’t having any of it. She wants to know about how Samar is doing as a friend, but that really seems to be the full extent of it.

What do you think is coming on The Blacklist season 5 in one week’s time? Be sure to sound off with some of your thoughts/theories judging from this sneak peek!

(Photo: NBC.)

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