The Fosters season 5 episode 10 review: Struggles within ‘Sanctuary’

Fosters season 5 episode 10 return dateThe Fosters season 5 episode 10 was entitled “Sanctuary,” but there could also be one other word entitled here: “Opportunity.” This was an opportunity for us as viewers to be reminded of the realities that many men and women under DACA face.

For Ximena, it was an opportunity for her to try and secure a little bit more of her long-term freedom. She spent the entirety of this episode seeking sanctuary in the church. The good news is that she’s not arrested; however, the bad news is that she’s not necessarily free yet. What we did see was Callie seize the opportunity in order to try and tell her story. Her Facebook video all about Ximena ended up going viral, and as a result of that we think she’s got more people on her side than ever before.

When Callie eventually did leave the church, she had figured out more of her immediate future. She did continue to fight for her cause, but she also decided to break up with Aaron. The two had chosen to take their relationship really fast, but at the end of the episode they decided to still be friends and see what happens from here.

At the end of the episode, Ximena did get another surprise as she learned that Poppy was going to be staying with Callie and her family for the time being. Consider this at least a little bit of momentary relief for her.

Other odds and ends

Mariana is still working with Nick, dangerous as that is, to figure out the truth about what happened at the school. Meanwhile, Brandon and Grace finally got on the same terms when it comes to the subject of her leukemia. He wants to be there for her, especially as she chooses to take on a different form of gene therapy that could help her.

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Ultimately, The Fosters remains significantly about people who want to do everything that they can for the good of other people, even if it means at times biting off more than they can chew. Brandon’s taking on a lot when it comes to Grace, but he seems more than happy to do that. Meanwhile, Callie’s sacrificing much of herself and her future in order to help Ximena. This is going to be a long road for her with plenty of challenges if she continues to push forward.

Final Verdict

The Fosters season 5 episode 10 marks the start of the home stretch, the final nine episodes of the series that are going to give us more insight on these characters and what some of their future is. This was a powerful, beautiful story in many ways. We’re certainly excited for what the remainder of the series holds.

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