The Blacklist season 5 episode 10 review: Reddington and Ressler work against Prescott

The Blacklist logo any seasonThe last episode of The Blacklist really set us up for a much darker version of Liz then we’ve seen from her. In the episode “Ruin” she had to get crafty in escaping some pretty bad men that came to her cabin, but not before feeding one of them glass, poisoning another and burning a few of them alive. Like we said, some pretty dark stuff is happening inside her right now and her lust for revenge against Tom’s killers has only grown from her experience in the cabin.

Liz is back home in her old apartment and as she walks it like a crime scene she looking for clues as to who these people are that killed Tom and where to find them. Reddington suspects that these men are part of the Nash drug syndicate and while the task force is excited to have Liz back, it doesn’t take long for them to realize that while she’s back in the city, she’s not back to work.

Ian Garvey also learns that Liz is back in town, but even if Liz knew, she wouldn’t care. We watched her embrace her inner darkness further tonight as she handcuffed a man to a car while driving away and also choked another man with a wire. While we’ve always liked the idea of Liz and Reddington balancing each other out in the whole good vs evil debate, having Liz go dark while Reddington tries to be the light has been a nice switch. Liz finds one of the men involved in killing Tom (named Navarro) and it’s not looking like it’s going to end well for him if he doesn’t give her information. She learns that Nik was helping Tom with some information, but before she can find out anything further she accidentally kills him in a fight.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard about some of our recurring characters so here’s some updates…

Samar and Aram: They are in “boring and domestic bliss” relationship, which we are really happy to hear. They both deserve to have some stability in their lives and have found that with each other. Samar is noticing Ressler’s erratic behavior and brings it to Cooper who has been concerned for a while too.

Ressler: He is still being blackmailed by Prescott and while we thought for a moment that he was going to let a criminal go free in fear of Prescott exposing him, Ressler decided to make the arrest. The meeting between Prescott and Ressler was interesting – Prescott slapped him in the face which was pretty shocking, but even more shocking is that Ressler threatened to kill him if he ever got in touch with him again… and we believe him, but Prescott doesn’t, because he’s used his threat to blackmail him further.

Reddington: He is flush again with his empire rebuilt, and now he can shift his focus onto other things – namely Ressler’s issue with Prescott. We have been hoping that Ressler and Reddington would work together at some point and we are finally here! These two have a much better understanding of each other and now that Reddington has helped Ressler find Prescott it’s time to see if he’s going to kill him or arrest him. Ressler says he wants to arrest him and if he goes to jail to then so be it – he wants to be on the side of good once again and this is the only way he feels he can do it. Once he finds Prescott he makes the arrest, but Reddington makes sure that Prescott never makes it to jail and instead burns him alive. Ressler is off the hook, but he wants to be responsible, so he gives Cooper a written confession. Cooper holds onto the letter, telling him that until the task force is complete he will keep the letter and gives Ressler a letter of his own asking for the same. Is this a confession?

CarterMatt Overall Thoughts

There was a lot to love about this episode tonight! We had a few updates on everyone on the task force which was nice since we didn’t have anything on them on last week’s episode. We had Liz and Reddington reunited and watched Liz continue to embrace this dark side of herself she let free while at the cabin in Alaska. Also, we had a a guest appearance from one of our favorite Orange is the New Black actresses Alysia Reiner. Last but not least, we want to give a shout out to part of The Blacklist being set in our home town of Toronto, Ontario tonight!

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