Vikings season 5 episode 9 review: Lagertha meets Heahmund, Rollo sends help

Lagertha and Heahmund VikingsLast week’s episode was easily the most exciting episode of Vikings season 5 so far, but with only two episodes left before the hiatus we know that this show isn’t done bringing us some really big moments. Ivar lost his first big battle and to add¬† insult to injury it was against Lagertha. This loss came about when he doubted his battle plan and split up his army leaving to protect their ships. It was great to see him have his first real loss since we were starting to have a hard time buying into him being this perfect strategist and wining every battle even though he really hadn’t seen many battles in his life. Lagertha now has Heahmund as a prisoner and while some fans have been thinking that there may be some real chemistry between them, we are going to find out for sure tonight when we get some of their first scenes together. The battle for Kattegat is far from over.

When Lagertha meets Heahmund

We have been aching for another unique friendship on Vikings just like we saw with Ragnar and Athelstan and after seeing the first interactions with Lagertha and Heahmund we are hopeful for something like this again. Heahmund is thankful to Lagertha for sparing his life and after a short conversation about religion they have a small understanding of where the other stands.

During another conversation about religion and questions about fate, Heahmund tries to tell her that fate has brought them together – that they are equals and that he is fascinated by her. He knows that the fighting will begin again soon, so he feels a sense of urgency in this conversation, saying that he knows she saved him in hopes that he will fight for her. He reveals that he will fight for her and that he will die for her, but she’s smart to question the legitimacy of this promise since they just met. His sugary words reveal that he either thinks that she is his soulmate or he is finding a way to lay with her in case he doesn’t get another chance.

Ubbe reveals feelings for Torvi

He knows he’s going to battle and decides to tell Torvi how he feels about her: That he married Margrethe too young and wished that it was Torvi that had his children. They spend the night together while Margrethe takes care of her children – and she’s the worst caregiver ever. She knows that Torvi is with Ubbe and she says some of the most awful things to Torvi’s children, talking about how their mother is going to die.

Is Rollo coming back soon?

We have been talking about how much we miss Rollo to anyone that’s willing to listen to us all season. We want Clive Standen back on this show is a big way, so when we heard Hvitserk tell Ivar that “uncle Rollo” said that he would help them any time they wanted and all they had to do was ask him we were beyond excited. When Ivar said go to France and get Rollo to help them win the battle against Lagertha our night was made. The real question we wondered though is who will Rollo actually end up fighting for when he learns that it’s against Lagertha and Bjorn? He obviously has an obligation to his nephews who are his blood, but he’s never made his love for Lagertha a secret.

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France sends ships to Ivar

We were a little surprised that Rollo decided to send his troops to Ivar, but that’s where we are. Rollo asked for one thing in return and that was to spare Bjorn’s life, to which Ivar responded by basically promising nothing since he already had Rollo’s army. While there was no Rollo tonight, we do know that Clive Standen is planning to return at some point over season 5 and he mentioned to¬†Hvitserk that he will see him soon when he can get away from his obligations. After a talk with Bjorn about Rollo’s involvement in this quarrel nothing is resolved with Ivar and Harald.

CarterMatt’s Overall Thoughts

We know that we haven’t spoken much about Floki this season and again in our review tonight we don’t have much to say. This storyline needs a hug and Floki needs to be reunited with the rest of the main cast. Also, Athelewulf dying from a bee sting that didn’t need to happen felt like it came out of no where. We get that people die in all kinds of random ways in real life, but this is a television and it seemed to come out of no where. We looked up Athelewulf’s history to see if this is how he actually dies and found out when he died, but not how he died. Bit strange and we will truly miss Moe Dunford – he was truly a great king to watch on this show. Judith pushing to have Alfred as the king over his brother was certainly not unexpected and we’ve seen how Judith has always been able to get her way with things, so it was not surprising that she got her way with this too.

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