The Bachelor contender Kendall Long involved in infamous Fear Factor challenge

Kendall LongKendall Long is one of the contenders on The Bachelor with Arie Luyendyk Jr., but what you may not have known is that she was also a part of another infamous reality TV series.

Do you remember when Fear Factor drew some controversy over having some of its contestants drink donkey semen? Well, Kendall Long and her twin sister were a part of that.

Years ago, Kendall and her twin sister Kylie (we’re sure that they’ve heard the Kardashian – Jenner jokes for years now) were a part of Fear Factor when they (alongside many other contestants) had to ingest all sorts of terribly disgusting stuff. Donkey semen is far from the only thing involved in the stunt; it’s just the grossest of the gross for some pretty obvious reasons. This was a stunt that was promoted in advance and actually led to so much backlash that NBC eventually decided to pull the episode. This entire stunt came as a part of Fear Factor’s attempt to regain a little bit of its old magic; the revival on NBC was short-lived, but the franchise has been brought back to life elsewhere.

Kendall is far from the first contestant on The Bachelor this season with some sort of brush with fame. Bibiana is a former NFL cheerleader, there are numerous red-carpet hosts and interviewers on this season, and there is everyone from a model to a sports reporter taking part. The reason why there are so many different people on this series with aspirations for the entertainment industry isn’t all that hard to figure out — obviously, people who go on The Bachelor are doing so because they want more of a career for themselves in this business … and contrary to what some may think, there’s not really anything wrong with that given that everyone on some level wants that. If you don’t want attention, you find love in another way than on TV. Granted, as for what people are willing to do be on TV, you can certainly quibble with that all you want.

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We just wonder if Kendall will be so popular by the end of this season, (provided she makes it far enough) that she can manage to be known for this show infinitely more than the Fear Factor video.

If you really want to watch the whole donkey semen fiasco, you can do that over at YouTube.

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