Quantico season 3 synopsis: What’s next for Alex Parrish?

QuanticoWant to check out some of the first details on Quantico season 3? Today, ABC unveiled some of the first details surrounding what lies ahead, and by and large it looks like we’re going to get a chance to see an action-packed, ambitious season with a lot of surprises in store.

We’re also going to apparently get a time jump of around three years — that allows for a little bit of a reset, but also to create some new drama and exciting dynamics. For a little more news on that subject, take a look at the Quantico season 3 synopsis below:

It’s been three years since American hero Alex Parrish has had to navigate the dangerous waters of the Central Intelligence Agency and put her life on the line for her country. She has been living a peaceful, anonymous life somewhere in Italy. However, Alex is forced to abandon this idyllic existence when Ryan persuades her to help him rescue Shelby from a notorious international arms dealer known only as The Widow, who is holding her hostage – and in exchange for her release she demands something that only Alex can provide. Ryan and Alex recruit Owen and Harry to help rescue their friend and defeat the villain. To help the cause, Owen brings in former agent Jocelyn Turner (Marlee Matlin), who has her own dark past with The Widow. A whole new future lies ahead for this team when they agree to work together as an elite black-ops task force. The thrilling, heart-stopping adventures continue.

Whether it be getting to see more of Priyanka Chopra or watching Marlee Matlin’s debut on the series, there is a lot to like on paper about Quantico season 3 — we almost hope for a season that focuses on a smaller group. We do like that fact that we seem to be largely existing within a single timeline, that way we can get addicted to the momentum and watch one week after the next. Quantico season 2 ended with a great run; here’s to seeing just what season 3 brings.

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