Chicago PD season 5 episode 10 review: Halstead’s rock bottom

Chicago PD season 5 episode 10 kicked things off with some good news for Adam Ruzek; namely, Voight didn’t kill him. Doesn’t that have to be considered the good news? Well, we like to think so!

Now, let’s navigate over to the sheer mess of bad news that we have with this episode, starting with Jay Halstead. Remember Camila, his new-found love interest that he acquired while undercover? Well, his relationship with her is getting all sorts of tangled up. Everything began with him discovering a dead body of a woman in the same circle … someone who just so happened to be an undercover DEA agent. That’s a problem; he’s in the middle of a murder investigation, and as the episode progressed he knew that he was going to be facing some trouble.

The good news for Jay is that he did have a friend on his said: Upton. She was frustrated with him, but also willing to protect him to some extent. She talked him down on a couple of situations, and did her part to convince him to ditch him. That didn’t quite work, since he called her to arrange a meet. Jay was forced to wear a wire, and while there he learned the truth — she wasn’t just dealing, but she was recruiting and the “DEA agent” was someone involved in that.

Eventually, Halstead did his job and got Camila arrested — he did care about her, and that is what made the aftermath of this so heartbreaking. Just the look on his face watching Camila be put in handcuffs said volumes about now only Jay’s capacity to care, but also the acting ability of Jesse Lee Soffer.

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The arrest of Camila led Intelligence into its next order of business, and that included trying to figure out precisely who was responsible for the agent’s death. While Camila got mixed up in something bad and got a little too ambitious (to say the least), that doesn’t make her a killer. Voight and Olinsky were able to determine the real killer from within the interrogation room. Hank pulled one of his classic moves, getting a confession and then got giving someone a deal or anything else in return.

As for Halstead, it looks as though he’s in for a long, hard, and difficult road re-earning the trust of those close to him. At the end of the episode, Hailey did her best to help Jay, telling him that if she told the right story she would ensure that some of the charges against her were dropped.

Back to Ruzek…

Voight still did punish Adam for getting close to Denny Woods, mostly in telling him that Atwater had passed him in the running for Detective. Hank did tell him to use that as motivation for future dealings with Woods, and that put Adam in a position where he has to be double agent.

The scene with Woods and Ruzek at the end of the episode was especially brilliant, especially when Woods made it clear that he didn’t hate Voight; instead, he and Hank were “two dogs” working to get the same bowl of food.

Final Verdict

Chicago PD season 5 episode 11 brought you another great Jesse Lee Soffer performance, while reminding us along the way that this show is one where actions do lead to consequences. Jay is going to struggle when it comes to getting back some trust, but he definitely has Upton to thank in the end. She saved him more than he saved himself.

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