Chicago PD season 5: Could Jay Halstead leave his job?


Jay Halstead

Chicago PD season 5 is set to air another new episode on NBC Wednesday night, and all signs point to this being the biggest episode for Jay Halstead of the season. In one form or another, this is a character who has been in a spiral for most of the season so far. That spiral began when Lindsay left, and then things started to escalate the moment that he took an assignment that triggered some of his PTSD. He formed a close bond with Camila, a woman he met while undercover, and since that time he’s firmly allowed himself to dive into another life.

What’s going on here? Halstead is likely just looking for a way to mask some of his pain and hurting; he feels like the best way in which he can do that is by assuming another name and connecting to people as someone else. That’s all well and good until he finds himself roped into another case under his alter ego — one that could cause him to choose between his job and the new woman in his life. Ironically, he is not the only person this season who’s had to face this sort of choice.

Speaking in a new interview with TV Guide, showrunner Rick Eid had the following to pass along when it comes to what Jay is going through:

“His spiraling will definitely continue … I guess he probably hits rock bottom in that episode, and then we’ll see if he can get out of it.”

This progression for Jay back to who he was will not going to be an easy one, mostly because there are a number of important issues that need to be dealt with here, including some crucial ones pertaining to trust. Can Intelligence really support him if they don’t trust him? Because of the fact that Jay went and did this once, there is always a chance that he will do something like this again and there are even more problems coming up for them in the future. He needs to find a way to earn their trust and cement himself on a road that is a little bit more consistent and healthy than the one he’s been on as of late.

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