Fuller House season 4: Three cameos that need to happen

Lonzo BallEven though a Fuller House season 4 is not even officially happening just yet, let’s be honest: It certainly feels as though it is. This is one of Netflix’s most-popular shows and if they were to cancel it, we’re pretty darn sure that most of the internet would let out a collective “how rude.” Who would want to do that to a show that makes so many people happy?

Anyhow, CarterMatt has come to learn through watching three seasons of the show now that cameos really are one of the things that Fuller House does the best. While not all of them may be the most substantial in the world when it comes to content, they are the faces that make the fans smile. Here are the three cameos we want to see most.

Danielle Fishel – Before she became Topanga on Boy Meets World — and, subsequently, her own series continuation in Girl Meets World — Fishel was a part of Full House for a couple of episodes. This would be a really fun way in order to bring her career full-circle. It wouldn’t be the most substantial cameo in the world, but have any of the cameos on Full House been altogether substantial? We don’t think so.

Jaleel White – Fuller House actually set up this cameo with what happened at the end of the third season, referencing that the Tanner-Fuller family should track down Steve Urkel to see what he’s up to at this point in his life. White is very protective of this part (as he should be), so it’s not entirely clear if he’d be open to bringing him back. That being said we are very curious as to how Urkel changed and grew over the years.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – Of course, no Fuller House list is complete without the Olsen Twins, two of the original stars and, in general, one of the most-famous former child stars of all time. The one issue with the Olsen Twins is simply that they don’t seem altogether interested in coming back on the show — they’ve been asked countless times by executive producer Jeff Franklin and presumably other people in the cast, really to the point where nobody even asks anymore. This is really all about whether or not the Twins want to reach out themselves and say that they are interested in doing the show.

Who do you want to see cameo on Fuller House season 4? Share below, and be sure to check out our review of the finale!

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