Fuller House season 3 episode 17 review: DJ and Steve’s first date (again)

Fuller House season 3 episode 15Like we’ve said in the past, Fuller House is at its best when the show goes as ridiculous as possible. We were reintroduced in season 3 episode 17 to the Tanner – Fuller magic, a phenomenon that apparently allowed the entire family to stage Steve and DJ’s first date (okay, it really isn’t the first date) after a terrible fog rolled in and kept the actual date from happening.

Yet, to quote Rumpelstiltskin from Once Upon a Time, magic often comes with a price. This time around, that price was pretty much everything around the entire Tanner and Fuller family. For starters, Steve was offered a job for the Los Angeles Lakers that would allow him to move down to Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Jackson learned that Rocki’s perception of her relationship is different than his own, Danny lost his job, Uncle Jesse is going to be forced to get a job, and Kimmy Gibbler isn’t pregnant as Stephanie had hoped.

Basically, this Fuller House episode can be best described as a prime example of everything going terrible for the family all at one time. No matter how much they may have wanted everything to work out for them and come up daisies, it just didn’t.

You can argue that “Fullers in a Fog” was really a tale of two different episodes. The majority of the half-hour was bright, cheers, and contained some great physical comedy. Watching DJ and Steve’s not-so-romantic dinner date was one of the funniest/silly things that we’ve had a chance to a see on the show in a while. When you get Dave Coulier, John Stamos, and Bob Saget back on the show it gives you a pretty harsh reminder of just how valuable they are / just how much they’re missed in other episodes. Did we really need a dance-off scene with Uncle Jesse pretending to be Elvis for a millionth time?

The second episode wedged in here was actually really depressing, where everything bad was happening to the whole family all at the same time.

CarterMatt Verdict

Fuller House season 3 episode 17 was funny in a way that some episodes of the show are — silly and by and large forgettable. Or, at least that’s how it was for the first three-quarters of it. Beyond that, let’s just say that we’re happy we could dive into another episode right away.

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