The Gifted episode 11 sneak peek: Blink versus the Purifiers

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In the midst of everything going on with New Year’s Day, it probably serves everyone well to remember that The Gifted episode 11 is also coming on the air tonight! This episode marks an opportunity to see a number of different things, with the presence of the Purifiers being a part of it that should prove very interesting.

So who are these people? Fans of the comics are well aware of them; within the world of The Gifted they are an anti-mutant hate group who are out to torture and destroy them just because they are different. It does feel as though their treatment of Blink in the sneak preview below is somewhat topical, given that they are this violent group with torches who goes after someone just because they are different. This sneak peek is a greater testament to the fact that in the world of The Gifted those who stand out are persecuted, and also that Blink, even with powers, still faces some moral quandaries. Could she really take on this many people all at one time, and if she does, does that just create even more paranoia regarding her powers? It’s one of those things that you do have to consider here and she will be doing the same.

The saddest part of this preview is just how alone Blink feels in this one moment. Not even the person she thought she had on her side is really with her.

On another note, how great is Jamie Chung in this role? One of the real pleasures of seeing her in this role is getting a chance for her to shine after numerous recurring roles in so many other series over the years.

As for the Strucker family…

They are going to be spending some time in this episode trying to figure out just what their own future holds after everything that they’ve been through already. This is a little bit more of what we’ve come to expect from them, but the parallels between this scene and the Blink one are obvious. They each represent ways in which characters are trying to deal with the notion of being different — and how those close to them should do everything that they can in order to protect them.

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