Ellen’s Game of Games: Contestants skill, strength & luck offer hilarious results

Ellen's Game of GamesEllen’s Game of Games might have you on the edge of your seat as you literally are playing right along with the contestants. The special 2-hour airing on Tuesday, January 2 is going to offer viewers plenty of laughs. This unique show is highlighted by talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and gives regular folks a chance to win cash. Of course every contestant will need skill, strength, smarts and plenty of luck.

The prime time special will have a familiar feeling to it, especially if you watch The Ellen Show. Highlighting games that maneuver obstacles, answering trivia questions and other signature games, viewers get to see the games pitting contestants against each other until someone comes out a winner. In the midst of it all, it’s possible for contestants to be sprayed with stuff, offer up answers to common questions and identify celebrities

Viewers are quick to see just how tough it is to win the cash. It might look easy, but contestants need to have nerves of steel, be pretty well rounded in life and avoid doing the wrong thing. The game show whittles down the contestants to find a winner, but it’s nothing like any other game show.

Frankly, this show gets intense fast. If the January premiere is anything like the previous episode, prepare the neighbors. You will find yourself screaming at the television while supporting contestants, so expect to be on the edge of your seat. The best part of the show is the games do incorporate the viewers. This leads to surprising results that the fans watching the show don’t see coming.

Last time I was watching Ellen’s Game of Games I found myself completely engrossed in Tuba Toothpaste where a contestant is sprayed with an enormous amount of white paste if they miss a question and can’t avoid the wrong button. Armed with goggles, the contestant pushed down on the first few buttons revealing she was safe. Until she pushed another. In a shocking flash, she was covered with the goop. As a viewer, I found myself so surprised, I fell out of my chair. Yes, that’s how delightfully intense these games are. Of course, if you don’t laugh at your response, you will be laughing with the host as each game is definitely amusing.

Ellen’s Game of Games Success? Real people can play

After watching the show you might be asking what makes Ellen’s Game of Games so likable to the average viewer? Well, the answer is quite simple: anyone can play! Success of the show reflects on the way the games cater to you, to me and every other viewer. This isn’t a fancy trivia show where you have to be knowledgeable on every subject or a show where you need to know the prices to an average grocery store item. Instead, contestants who have some worldly knowledge, a small zany streak and wishing for a little fun could be part of the show. Those people could easily be your neighbor, brother or the cashier at the grocers. OR it could be you!

You can check out the special 2-hour airing of Ellen’s Game of Games on Tuesday, January 2 at 8/7c on NBC.

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