The Blacklist in 2018: 5 hopes for James Spader NBC series

The Blacklist logo any seasonWhat do we want to see for The Blacklist in 2018? Given that this is one of our favorite shows to cover at CarterMatt, we certainly have a lot that we want to see happen when the next episode of season 5 begins on Wednesday night. With Tom Keen’s death and the story jumping forward in time, we have a very different landscape. We cannot exactly call this a clean slate since clearly quite a bit has transpired from where we were on the show until now, but it’s a chance to see a number of different things transpire. After all, many characters are likely in a different place than they once were.

To help prepare you for what’s coming up, here are five things we’re hoping to see from The Blacklist in some shape or form in 2018.

1. Learn about the bones and the suitcase – This cliffhanger came about at the end of season 4, but the secret died with Tom Keen. We’re still waiting to see how the storyline is going to reenter the picture and almost every indication we have suggests that it will resurface somehow.

2. Learn more about Tom’s killers – We need to understand more about who could be some of the main adversaries in the second half of the season — given how Tom’s death is one of the most notable moments in the history of the franchise there is a lot for the writers to chew on moving further into the future.

3. Getting a big Aram/Samar episode – This is an ensemble show in many ways, so we’re hoping that all of the different characters within the ensemble get their moments in the sun. That of course includes Aram and Samar, two of our personal favorites who are worthy of whatever attention ends up coming their way.

4. Does Reddington have any more secrets? – It seems as though the suitcase is the pinnacle of the things that Reddington has kept from Liz, but we have a hard time believing that’s necessarily the case. Is it possible that he has something more buried that is so secret that not even Mr. Kaplan knew about it? We’re not ruling that out.

5. Getting a season 6 renewal – Showrunner Jon Bokenkamp has already made it clear that he feels as though there is a whole lot more story to tell for some of these characters; we certainly agree with that notion. While the ratings for season 5 are not necessarily amazing, they’re strong enough to merit getting another batch of episodes.

What do you want to see on The Blacklist in 2018? Be sure to share in the comments below!

(Photo: NBC.)

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