Fuller House season 3 episode 16 review: Homecoming heroines

Lonzo BallFuller House season 3 episode 16 is a story very much about fairy-tales … at least to a certain extent. It was a story about how one young woman in Ramona figured out how to have a great homecoming night with the help of three fairy godmothers.

Let’s be honest: The entire premise of this episode was insane. Somehow, Kimmy, DJ, and Stephanie had to figure out the way to replace Ramona’s entire homecoming dance after it turned out to be a royal disaster. As a result of that, they found a way in order to properly hijack the party that Kimmy was throwing for a ten-year old (think in the vein of My Super Sweet 16) and turn it into the dance. The absurdity of all of this knew no bounds, especially when it came to how all of this managed to come about: Look towards the fact that this wannabe princess had a crush on Max, and DJ was able to convince her son to be her Prince Charming for a night just to ensure that they could turn Ramona’s homecoming dance dream into something less than a nightmare.

Somehow, this episode worked despite the fact that it made you suspend belief in about every way possible — including that three women could move an entire party to a high school in just a matter of hours while also finding a way to shut down one of the other parties that many of the high schoolers flocked to. Probably the most unrealistic part of the episode was the idea of a ten-year old’s birthday party being the sort of thing that teenagers found cool — especially once Steve showed up and kissed DJ, marking the beginning of their relationship. If there’s one thing that high schoolers constantly dislike, it’s people older than 30 coming in and cramping their style.

There were some fun moments that took place both before and during the dance, including DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy’s fairy godmother outfits, Jackson finding a way to get through to Rocki enough to where she wanted to dance with him, and seeing how oddly excited DJ was to be a fairy godmother. Who knew she was so into fairy-tale costumes as an adult?

CarterMatt Verdict

Fuller House season 3 episode 16 was silly, but also mildly funny. It’s probably one of the most Fuller House episodes of the show in terms of ridiculous since the return from Japan. With all of the costumes and the dancing, we do think that this is the sort of episode destined to be in some sort of clip-show montage years down the line.

What did you think about Fuller House season 3 episode 16? Was this the right kind of crazy to suit your fancy? Be sure to share in the comments below!

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