5 saddest 2017 TV cancellations: Dark Matter, Major Crimes, Chicago Justice, and more

What are the 5 saddest TV cancellations of the year? This was actually a tough list to figure out given that with more great shows comes, unfortunately, more shows that we’re sad to lose.

The five shows below all learned their unfortunate fate at some point in 2017, and we have a feeling that we’ll be reeling from all of these decisions for a rather long time. We’ll of course always be hoping for revivals but even if they never come back, we’re grateful for all of the time that we got to spend with them.

Chicago Justice – One of our greatest on-set memories of the past few years is seeing the enthusiasm around Chicago Justice at the time it was being developed. This show had an excellent cast and the writers weren’t afraid to touch on hard subjects. We just feel like the series was a victim of NBC suddenly decided that they didn’t want to bank so hard on one particular franchise.

Dark Matter – Sometimes, you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone. In this case, we didn’t know what we had until it was almost gone. This was not a show we discovered until earlier this year, and while we’re grateful to be able to watch the third season live we only wish we’d gotten on board sooner. Joseph Mallozzi’s sci-fi gem was everything that you could have possibly wanted with something in this genre — innovative, funny, smart, and different.

Girl Meets World – The Disney Channel revival had a great run of three seasons, but in looking back our biggest regret is that we couldn’t somehow magically make the producers opt for a different network from inception. Had this series aired on Freeform we like to imagine that it would still be on the air tackling subjects that are a little more adult.

Major Crimes – This one stings for MANY reasons, starting with the fact that it seems to be a victim mostly of a network in TNT decided that it just doesn’t want to do this genre of television anymore. The ratings still were there, but instead we’re in the midst now of a final season … one that contained a twist we never saw coming in a million years.

The Night Shift – After a fantastic run of four seasons we arrived at the end of the road this summer. While there are several medical dramas on TV, The Night Shift remains the only one to effectively combine a great military drama with the medical cases of the week we’ve come to expect from the genre. Great characters, and wonderful summer TV we’re going to miss.

What are the saddest TV cancellations of 2017 in your mind? Share now in the attached comments!

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