Chicago PD season 5 spoilers: The Voight – Woods battle isn’t going away…

Voight - Woods battleFor those wondering if the Voight – Woods battle on Chicago PD season 5 was a fight that would end in the coming weeks, be prepared to settle in with this story. Denny’s attempts to unseat Voight and take down Intelligence will remain in the fabric of the show until the end of the season.

When you think about where we are right now in the story of the show, we do think that this does make a certain degree of sense. Just look at the current political landscape and the reform that is going on within police departments all over the country. If a cop like Woods is convinced that someone like Voight is dirty, he’s going to stop at nothing to try and take him down a notch. This is effectively just where we are right now. The thing that makes this Chicago PD story so complex is that when you consider some of what Voight has done, Denny’s not wrong for going after him. Voight’s a murderer in his heart — he may only murder bad guys, but he’s basically one step below Dexter Morgan with a police badge. He just doesn’t make a serial-killer habit of it.

In speaking on the subject of the Voight – Woods battle to TV Guide, executive producer Rick Eid noted just how far he is planning to chart this story:

“It’ll go right through the Season 5 finale … It begins to escalate, and Woods begins to exert his leverage over maybe a different member of the team. They’re both playing hardball, and it’ll come mano a mano to the bitter end.”

As you saw at the end of the season 5 fall finale, Woods had already done everything within his power in order to ruin Adam Ruzek’s life as a means of ensuring that he turned over information on Voight. That didn’t happen, and Ruzek and Voight are heading towards a full-on-collision where Adam could get caught in the crossfire. We hope that Voight actually figures out that Ruzek didn’t do anything to him; that way, at least this story can end with something resembling relative peace (at least for Chicago PD standards).

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