5 Best 2017 TV Kisses: Outlander, OUAT, Stranger Things, Grey’s Anatomy, Jane the Virgin

Jennifer Morrison

In 2017, there were some amazing moments on scripted TV. Viewers watched as characters were killed off, put in precarious situations and, most importantly, there were a few sensational TV kisses.

When the moment arrives, you know it’s TV gold when you want to see it again. Or, let out a squeal of joy. It’s that precise moment when you know your favorite character has reached a whole new level in their relationship.

What defines a perfect TV kiss? Let’s start out by the obvious and offer up a baseline acknowledgement that any character can give a kiss. Or receive a smooch for that matter.  However on TV, it’s not just about two sets of lips coming together. There is the viewer to consider. We, the television watcher, need to feel the emotion as if we are part of the scene. We, in our front row seat, must capture the feeling of love as if it was our own. It’s no easy feat for an actor or actress, but when it happens, it’s absolutely magical. It’s possible to reference a perfect kiss as an extraordinary neb, a delicate lip-lock or a mind-blowing suaviation. Call these breathtaking smooches whatever you want, but if the viewer isn’t satisfied, it’s nothing more than a motion in action. Getting the passion through the camera takes emotion that fans must feel without force.

Combing through hundreds of TV kisses in 2017, we’ve come across some amazing smooches that stand the test of the camera. Even if you didn’t watch the TV show where the kiss was seen on the regular basis, you feel the passion from the characters and the connection through the camera. We’ve picked our top five lip dances to share with you as we reflect on 2017’s best of TV.

Best 2017 Kisses

Outlander: Claire Fraser & Jamie Fraser

If you’re an Outlander viewer, you already know the amazing chemistry between Claire Fraser and Jamie Fraser. When the two embrace on screen, viewers find themselves intertwined in the moment as every kiss seems like their first.

Grey’s Anatomy: Meredith Grey & Nathan Riggs

More than a peck on the cheek, this intense smooch between Meredith Grey and Nathan Riggs was at 36,000 feet and right up against the door. The lucky doctors weren’t thinking about patients in the heat of the moment and there was absolutely no hesitation. Even the Grey’s Anatomy fans couldn’t find themselves turning away.

Once Upon A Time: Captain Hook & Emma Swan

Fans of Once Upon a Time were ready when Emma Swan walked down the aisle in one of the most beautiful weddings on TV in 2017, they didn’t expect the kiss between Captain Hook and Emma Swan. It was an emotional moment that was talked about for months after as fans studied this emotional lip-lock from every angle. Suffice to say this moment hasn’t been topped on the show since.

Jane the Virgin: Jane Villanueva & Rafael Solano

Only a few weeks ago on Jane the Virgin the fans got an amazing kiss that couldn’t be forgotten. A passionate moment between Jane Villanueva and Rafael Solano, with the shutters popping open in such a magical moment, this wasn’t your average peck and it left everyone breathless.

Stranger Things: Eleven and Mike Wheeler

When Eleven (Jane Hopper) goes to the dance, the viewers weren’t expecting too much on Stranger Things. However, the chemistry between Eleven and Mike heated up on the dance floor enough to provide a kiss. Perhaps not as intense as other kisses on TV, viewers agree it was an amazing moment for the show and a few fans think it will develop into something further in the series.

Something for those kiss-less moments too…

Saturday Night Live shared a special skit in December for all those viewers who can relate to never getting a kiss on New Years Eve. Unfortunately this skit got cut and never made it to the live show. Getting a midnight kiss has never been so difficult for anyone. No, seriously. Not only does Beck Bennett continuously search for his friend, Kyle Mooney, who leads him on with a kiss from an attractive woman, he has to go through a sewer, share an intimate secret and pop a manhole cover. The time limit of this maze has Beck fighting the odds of finding his friends and his final shock is completely over the top as he answers his cell phone just before the clock strikes midnight.

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