Fuller House season 3 episode 12 review: The alligator in the room

Fuller House season 3 episode 12Fuller House season 3 episode 11 was one of the funniest ones we’ve seen to date in the latest batch of episodes, and most of that stems from some of the crazy ideas that the writers came up with.

Part of the credit here has to go to Netflix, who provide the Fuller House producers the opportunities and the budget to pull some of the crazy stuff off that they do. Take, for example, being able to bring in an alligator to the set so that DJ and Matt can find themselves trapped in an examination room with them. We would think that a veterinarian would know at least a thing or two about how to deal with an alligator, but maybe not. Sure, this entire storyline was fairly predictable (especially the part about the alligator eating DJ’s phone), but there was still something very entertaining that came with seeing some of this craziness unfold.

This crisis started out because of someone deciding to just drop the alligator off at the vet clinic, and the end result of this was DJ and Matt getting a chance to talk about their relationship. DJ still wants him to be in her life — and for him to still work at the clinic — but it’s clearly still too early in his process of recovering from the split to know whether or not that is going to actually happen. What Matt’s feeling has to be devastating … so much so that he wants to start a taco shop in Bora Bora.

Elsewhere in this episode, Stephanie got some good news courtesy of her embryos and we had one of the more hilarious storylines yet for the kids — Ramona had a dance battle after being previously kicked off the dance team by Chad. With that, she earned her way back on. (Having her own terrible “dance team” of her family made for some amusing physical comedy.) Meanwhile, Rocki ended up lending Jackson a helping hand to get him off to a good start at school after becoming known instead for a terrible incident in which he slipped on bologna. He’s gone from being Bologna Boy to the best kisser in all high school — Rocki even helped him to prove it with a kiss!

CarterMatt Verdict

While Fuller House will always have its fair share of cheesy moments, we’d say as a whole that season 3 episode 12 had more laugh-out-loud humor than any other episode so far in the second half of the season. Even the parts that weren’t altogether funny were pleasant in their own way.

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