Why Chicago Fire, The Blacklist, and The Big Bang Theory needed Christmas Specials

The Blacklist logo any seasonChristmas is almost here, and over the past month or so we’ve been very lucky to see a number of great Christmas Specials. Whether you’re talking about Will & Grace, Supergirl, Hawaii Five-0, Scorpion, NCIS: Los Angeles, or many other network shows, there were opportunities to see many beloved characters celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

But what about some of the show that didn’t get that opportunity this year? Whether it be for scheduling or creative reasons, the five shows below didn’t get a chance to really focus in on the holidays this year — and, of course, we consider that quite the bummer.

Chicago Fire (NBC) – This one goes without saying — the firehouse is a family and it’s always great to see the firehouse celebrate the holidays together. This is a show that can be very warm, and not just because many of the characters are trying to put out fires in blistering temperatures. Unfortunately, it was forced off the air by Thursday night football, therefore ruining any chance that it had of a holiday episode.

Gotham (Fox) – We want this for no other reason than to see just how-messed up a Gotham holiday season would be with some of the characters who currently inhabit that world.

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) – It goes off of the air far too early in the fall these days! Grey’s Anatomy obviously has a lot of other priorities other than just focusing on the holidays, but it would be great to see Meredith and her family enjoy some of the festivities.

The Big Bang Theory (CBS) – While the fall finale, which featured a number of memorable scenes involving a bouncy castle, was funny, this show has featured some of the best Christmas episodes of any comedy out there. Think about the time Penny gave Sheldon Leonard Nimoy’s DNA (still the funniest scene in the history of the show) or when Leonard imagined life without him around a la It’s a Wonderful Life. 

The Blacklist (NBC) – Given that season 5 started out a little bit lighter than we’ve seen in in the past, we could’ve gone for getting a chance to see a Christmas for Liz Keen and Raymond Reddington in that same vein. Instead, the end of the first half of season 5 was all about the death of Tom Keen, and that devastating cliffhanger (plus a coma) leads into what is coming up next.

What beloved shows do you wish had some new Christmas Specials? Be sure to share in the comments below!

(Photo: NBC.)

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