The Blacklist season 5: Will Liz Keen murder Tom’s killers?

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An eye for an eye. That’s about as old-school of a code as you’re going to see, but it may be the one that Elizabeth Keen lives and dies with on The Blacklist season 5 when the series returns to NBC. While part of the winter premiere may cause you to form a certain perception of this new version of Liz, make no mistake that she’s every bit as dangerous as she once was, if not more so. This is someone intent on getting revenge for what happened to Tom. She wants to find his killers and, presumably, kill them.

This is not the same Liz Keen that we saw at the start of the series — this is a Liz who, left to her own devices, is going to murder a murderer. Whether or not she finds herself in that position is just one of many questions you’ll be asking yourself as the season progresses.

For some additional insight on this subject, take a look at what series star Megan Boone had to say to Entertainment Weekly:

“She’s really driven by this anger and resentment and yes, she wants revenge for the people who ruined her family … That’s the only thing that gets her up in the morning and it’s what drives her through the day. I don’t really think that there’s any going back from that.”

There really shouldn’t be any going back from that based on where Liz is when the show returns. The only way we envision her not going after Tom’s killers in a bloodthirsty manner is if she finds some other sort of way to heal and channel her rage. Are there going to be the right people around her to channel some of those feelings properly? Maybe if she spends some time around Aram, Cooper, and the rest of the Task Force. With Reddington it’s a little more of a tossup. He cares about her, but it’s often what best suits his agenda in a given moment. If that means that Liz murders a few people along the way, he doesn’t have a moral compass that precludes that given the situation.

Whenever Liz does come face to face with some of these people — we’re going ahead and assuming that it’s going to happen — we have to assume that it will be explosive. We anticipate almost nothing less with this series.

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